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  • This back and forth cucumber/dialogue camera work is pretty legit.
  • Oh, shit. Creepy Sara Harvey was eavesdropping the entire time.
  • "Last time I checked this was the quiet room." Sara-One, Emily-Zero.
  • Aria's purple shirt. Are those sequins? I thought when we changed costume designers things were supposed to get better?
  • Lucas?!?
  • Typical high school nerd turns millionaire thing going on with our old friend Lucas. " Wait, that was you in the silver Jag?"
  • Apparently in the last five years Lucas moved to Seattle, sold a company, then started selling game apps, bought a Condo in Palo Alto, bought a Townhouse in Hong Kong, & bought the Loft above The Grille? Yeah, okay.
  • " Yeah, I gotta go, but I wanna drive that car." Classic Hanna.
  • Melissa is back! Double whammy on the original cast nostalgia.
  • Ouch, that dig hurt didn't it Spence? Feels like old times, huh? " Cause I know how you like to shop out of other people's carts."
  • Melissa-One, Spencer-Zero.
  • Ew. Aria's purple shirt is back.
  • Whoa, Ms. Marin just told Ezra he's cut-off from ordering alcohol at the hotel... Because of an incident? Can't wait to see a flashback of that.
  • Em your mom found out... WHOA, there's Creepy Sara Harvey again: All black, weird gloves, platinum pixie cut. She's like the new Jenna, but not blind.
  • Of course Hanna goes to Lucas.
  • Is Lucas the 2016 PLL Jay Gatsby? Did he do it all to win Hanna's love? Probably. So, of course he says yes to being the liars' alibi.
  • Googling Munchkins now.
  • Most genuine & heartfelt conversation between Spence & Hanna... I almost cried. Spence can finally go after Caleb. Yaassss!
  • Spencer attacks journalist & gets told she knows nothing. At least Mona was mentioned in this episode...
  • I wish I was as fabulous as Hanna: Walking around in a robe and bejeweled heels? Oh wait, that's an actual outfit? My bad.
  • So, my theory on Emily being sick (which I'm sure everyone else thought) is wrong. She's donating her eggs. Okay, that's legit. I googled that once when I was broke and 22.
  • But why does her jean jacket have holes in the shoulders?
  • This interrogation of Hannah & Lucas is making me sweat. You'd think after years of lying they would be better prepared for this.
  • "Source, Cover-up, Tape" Not everything's about you, M.
  • Sara & her creepy gloves again... Wait, how did she burn her hands? I must have drank too much last week.
  • Ezra is looking hot... Again.
  • After seeing Aria's new man undress earlier through Skype, I'm sticking with Team Ezra.
  • Wow, these liars are entitled. Just barging into Ezra's apartment like that?
  • ? More like .
  • Oooh, flashback! So, I wasn't drunk!
  • I literally laughed out loud. Sara Harvey electrocuted herself & burnt off her hands? Okay, Marlene...
  • I can't even pay attention to Spencer's sobbing. I'm still laughing.
  • Em's mom again. Is she finally going to address the elephant?
  • Nope, we still don't know how the moms got out of the basement.
  • Lucas is giving Hannah's keys to his "loft"... Uh oh.
  • : Beers. Fire. Will they finally kiss?
  • This hand hold is turning pretty Fifty Shades of Grey, you guys.
  • Yes!!! Now, that's what I'm talking about. Sex on the couch to an awesome "Ring of Fire" cover!
  • Her phone's going off... But who gives a shit?
  • Well, I guess A is officially back. See you guys in another five years.


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