ByEthan Holland, writer at

Fallout 4 offers a variety of different ideas to make a dlc out of. But the most explorable is the memory den which you cannot use ever after the dangerous minds mission. I'd love to see pre-war Boston through the eyes of the average man.(by Bethesda's fallout creaters minds,really) And the obvious three dog expansion that is needed because everyone misses that great man is needed bac. Which would lead to going to the Capitol wasteland which would be awesome. Also with the prydwen there is the possibility of possibly traveling outside the country,to somewhere Bethesda's fallout universe has never explored. Just saying but I'm sure I'm not the only person who wants at least a new Vegas map expansion not even a mission expansion just a place. I want to see the New Vegas Strip as its never been before.y final and fifth idea for a fallout dlc would be. To fight in the great war the whole war as your character the man who says war never changes it would be a new interesting experience and an amazing couple of hours or days of time. I hope the last two are made they're the best ones.


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