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So, Suicide Squad is set to hit screens this year, but the main villain still isn't confirmed (and they really shouldn't be, so as to keep the suspense and surprise of the film), but there are multiple theories as to who this villain will be. Some think it'll end up being Enchantress or even Joker, while others think it'll be Tattooed Man (as played by Common). While the first teaser was incredibly disappointing to fans, the new trailer spiked interest greatly.

It's generally suspected that the main villain is the one in the subway in said trailer (given the fact that it is seen destroying a train and covered in shadow):

and the one that caused all the destruction:

Assuming that, it could still very well be Enchantress, although there's no reason for Amanda Waller to send a Squad in to deal with a threat if the threat is someone on the team. Maybe Enchantress is controlling the villain or maybe she turns on the team, but the villain they're SENT in to take out is definitely not her. Although that subway monster could definitely be her or a creation of hers.

While the Joker could definitely cause this much destruction, even he would struggle with that, and he's likely going to be used as an emotional wall that Harley Quinn has to break through, or part of something bigger. Either way, he definitely isn't the character in the subway and even though Joker is a very dangerous character, he's still just a man. The only thing stopping him from no longer being a problem is the fact that Batman won't kill him. Waller is sending in a team of superpowered and incredibly skilled killers to deal with the threat, which is a bit over-the-top, although it might be plausible, given his notoriety. Although, Deadshot says that they're about to "save the world" and Joker has never been world-threatening.

Tattooed Man is the most likely, as the creature seems like something his powerset could generate, and the black tendon it releases...

...could definitely be connected with his abilities as well.

But I don't think it's Tattooed Man. For one, Tattooed Man isn't nearly powerful enough to be a challenge (and probably not world-devastating). Secondly, saying the creature is a result of Tattooed Man is a bit of a stretch. Also, the creature is covered is covered in shadow in the trailer, suggesting that it isn't someone we know.

Following up on that, there are a brief number of roles that haven't been confirmed yet. These roles include Scott Eastwood and Ike Barinholtz (who are listed on Imdb IN BETWEEN the main roles, with Scott Eastwood actually taking second place under Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, which could definitely make him the villain) and David Harbour and Alex Meraz as well. So a total of 4 mystery characters, 2 of which could be major.

So who's the villain, possibly played by Scott Eastwood (who fans believe will play Deathstroke) or Ike Barinholtz?

Jason Woodrue/Floronic Man

The reasoning for this conclusion lies in these facts:

1. Floronic Man is a DC supervillain.

2. Floronic Man has never been a part of the Suicide Squad. His character is one that would never stand to be working under Waller. If Waller thought she could contain the threat of Floronic Man, she wouldn't be sending a team after them.

3. If Floronic Man is involved, the world is in danger. When Deadshot says that the Squad are about to "save the world", he could definitely be talking about Floronic Man. His powers are world-threatening.

4. Floronic Man is visually similar to the creature in the subway, right up to the ears and the vines.

5. Floronic Man can create tendons, as shown in the trailer.

6. Floronic Man is powerful enough to be a challenge, especially if aided by or unwittingly helped by Joker and/or Tattooed Man.

7. Floronic Man is at just the right level of obscure to be a villain in the film. He's not too major that he would be saved for a Justice League film (or even just one of them, like Flash or Green Lantern) especially since DC are bringing in the big guns like Doomsday (who has recently been confirmed to actually being Doomsday, as much as I thought/hoped otherwise) for only the second film.

8. That level of destruction shown in the trailer could be a result of Floronic Man.

9. At one point it looks like the team is dealing with plant monsters, which could be a result of Floronic Man.

10. The train he’s attacking is covered in leaves, as Floronic Man can do and has done, as pictured slightly above.

The crash actually looks like Swamp Thing...
The crash actually looks like Swamp Thing...

11. Jason Woodrue (the identity behind Floronic Man) was a doctor, and he could possibly be the doctor seen in the first teaser with Harleen Quinzel, although I'm not sure if it's actually a character who we already know the identity of, like Rick Flagg.

12. Several of the Suicide Squad are known for being Batman villains, and the Suicide Squad itself has pretty much always been a collection of Batman villains more than anything else. Floronic Man has been a Batman villain before.

13. Floronic Man can set up a Justice League Dark film (with Swamp Thing) perfectly.

14. Floronic Man has been a major Poison Ivy villain. Poison Ivy has served in the Suicide Squad and her connection with both Batman and more importantly, Harley Quinn, make Floronic Man a personal threat.

15. Floronic Man was originally an alien, so those images of destruction could be a crashed ship, or it could just be general destruction which, again, Floronic Man can cause easily.

So, there you have it, the reasons why I think Floronic Man is the villain in Suicide Squad. Who do you think? Is it Tattooed Man? Enchantress? Joker? Someone else? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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