ByJames Ball, writer at
I'm just a simple guy who loves fan casting.
James Ball

Hey moviepiloters, here is my fan cast for a live-action King of the Hill movie.

Tom Hanks as Hank Hill

Mary Steenburgen as Peggy Hill

Cory Nichols as Bobby Hill

Juno Temple as Luanne Platter

Gary Cole as Jeffrey Boomhauer III

Stephen Root as Bill Dauterive

Steve Buscemi as Dale Gribble

Heather Locklear as Nancy Gribble

Forrest Goodluck as Joseph Gribble

Jonathan Joss as John Redcorn

Ken Jeong as Kahn Souphanousinphone

Lauren Tom as Minh Souphanousinphone

Ashley Zhang as Connie Souphanousinphone


What do you think of my King of the Hill Fan Cast?


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