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I've been meaning to write this for more than 5 months—every since I found out that there was season 2 of The Flash.

Why, you ask? Eddie Thawne is the answer.

The whole Earth-1 Flash world (the events that happened from Season 1) should be WIPED OUT OF EXISTENCE. Why? Because Eddie Thawne shot himself after Barry came back from the night of his mother's murder. By EOBARD THAWNE.

Nora Allen Dying
Nora Allen Dying

If Eddie was dead, then Eobard Thawne would cease to exist. If Eobard Thawne was never born, Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan wouldn't be killed. Nora Allen wouldn't be killed, and her husband wouldn't be jailed for a murder he didn't commit.

So, Barry would grow up to be happy, and become the Flash in the year 2020 instead of 2014.

I was breaking my head over this problem. For a couple of days, that is, before my brother and I figured it out together. He said to me

Well, you know how time keeps repeating itself? That's how you can travel back and forth in time, right? So all events are witnessed over and over again without our knowledge

And that's what made my solution.

What the Barry-verse is experiencing is a time-loop. Take this:

Eddie killed himself because of his distant future relative, Eobard Thawne. So Eobard doesn't exist anymore. If he didn't exist, then time would reset. But if Eobard Thawne didn't exist, then Eddie wouldn't have to kill himself. If Eddie was still alive, then Eobard still existed.

But, I'm about to watch the episode, "Reverse-Flash Returns" so we'll find out what happened for real.



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