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It's been a long time since I've done one of these, so here's a reminder. I'm going to enter an alternate reality where there have been no movies made by

or including Marvel characters. Everyone is being recast, however, they can not be portrayed by an actor who has played them before. Here are the previous four parts to this:








So without further ado, let's begin

Deadpool/John Krasinski

It's hard to pick somebody who could play the "Merc with a Mouth," however, I believe John Krasinski has what it takes. He has recently shown off a new chiseled physique and ability to do action and fighting in his latest movie, 13 Hours. Deadpool isn't just fighting and badassery, he's also got to be able to pull off witty and sarcastic jokes and just make everybody laugh. Krasinski has shown his comedic chops off before in the hit comedy television show The Office as Jim Halpert. All that being said, John Krasinski is a great choice to be Wade Wilson.

Spider-Woman/Cobie Smulders

Many of you should be familiar with Cobie Smulders in her work as Maria Hill in Marvel's The Avengers, but I think she could portray a great Spider-Woman if the opportunity were to come around. Spider-Woman is a character fans have been demanding in the MCU for ages. Now I'm not saying to make Maria Hill become Spider-Woman, but if Smulders wasn't already tied up in that role she could kill as an awesome Spider-Woman. We've seen her be a badass spy which is a lot of what Spider-Woman is. That aside, we've seen in the more recent comics that Jessica Drew can sometimes just "be one of the girls" with Carol Danvers. If you're familiar with the show How I Met Your Mother, Smulders was very good at doing this. This isn't to say that is what a Spider-Woman movie would be all about, but it would be humorous for one or two scenes.

She-Hulk/Jaimie Alexander

I promise this won't consist of all re casting of current Marvel actors, but how can you think about casting She-Hulk without mentioning Jaimie Alexander? Known to the world as Lady Sif in Thor and Thor: The Dark World. She's gorgeous, an ass-kicker, and has a taller build. Not to mention she's a great actress. What more could you ask for in She-Hulk?

Ms. Marvel/Summer Bishil

Adding some diversity to the MCU, we have the character whose popularity has quickly been rising, Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan has taken up the mantle of Ms. Marvel as one of the first prominent Middle Eastern superheroines. This one was tricky, but I do believe Summer Bishil could pull it off. She's a young actress with a lot going for her. She doesn't have too many movies to her experience, with The Last Airbender being one of her biggest credits, but Marvel has been known for picking smaller actors and I feel this one could work.

Jubilee/Anna Akana

Jubilee is the plucky youngster of the X-Men, and I do believe that FOX got it right with their casting of Lana Condor in X-Men: Apocalypse, for the sake of this article I'm going with Anna Akana. Although Akana is older than Condor, she can still play a teenager. She did so on the YouTube mini series, Riley Rewind. Other than that she has smaller bit parts such as one very small role in Marvel's Ant-Man in fact. That being said, Akana has the personality to pull off Jubilee's awkward teenager attitude as well as being an ass-kicker.

Black Bolt/Wentworth Miller

Yes, the Inhumans, one of Marvel's more obscure teams, however are due to have a movie soon. Black Bolt is known for his silence. That being said, Wentworth Miller is a great candidate because he has that silent methodical aspect to him. For proof of this you can look at his work in The Loft and CW's The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow.

Jessica Jones/Liz Gillies

Jessica Jones is now one of Marvel's more popular heroines thanks to her Netflix series. Krysten Ritter does a great job in that, but if she had to be recast I'd go with Liz Gillies. She has the look. She also has a mean girl attitude that would be required for a character such as Jones. Gillies has shown her mean streak in Nickelodeon's Victorious as well as FX's Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.

Moon Knight/Oscar Isaac

Moon Knight is a character fans have wanted for a while and who better to portray a fan favorite hero than a fan favorite actor? Oscar Isaac has starred in Ex Machina but gained true super stardom after being cast in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and X-Men: Apocalypse. Moon Knight is often times referenced by fans as Marvel's Batman. Although Isaac might not ever get to portray Batman, he has a shot at Moon Knight for sure.

X-23/Chloe Grace Moretz

I have to admit, I have a strong bias for Chloe Grace Moretz as an actress. That doesn't take away from the fact that she would make an awesome X-23. X-23 is a badass heroine who isn't afraid of violence and is also consisting of Wolverine's DNA. Plus if you've seen Kick-Ass then you'd know how much of a badass Moretz could be.

Nova/Miles Teller

If you don't hold Fantastic Four against him, you'll realize how great of an actor Miles Teller really is. Nova is one of Marvel's more unique characters. He's been portrayed in the comics by Richard Rider and Sam Alexander. The beauty of it is that Miles Teller could potentially play either of these. He's proven his seriousness to be Rider in movies like Divergent or Whiplash, and also shown his comedic side for Alexander in movies like 21 & Over and That Awkward Moment.

Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen)/Julianne Hough

Gwen Stacy is another Marvel character who is regaining popularity within the comics as her new portrayal of Spider-Gwen. Julianne Hough has what it takes. She looks like Gwen, and not only that, she's a great actress with Footloose, Rock of Ages, and Safe Haven under her belt. It's about time she steps up into the big leagues of the MCU. Not only that, but we cast Grant Gustin as Spider-Man earlier on and she's only about a year older than him so yay!

Sentry/Liam Hemsworth

Sentry is a lesser known Marvel hero, but he is a cool character. He is very OP and similar to Superman, however, he is a lot more troubled. I believe Liam Hemsworth has the acting ability to play the troubled hero. He sort of does that in the Hunger Games franchise. Not only that, but he's huge so he has that going for him.

Elektra/Olivia Munn

Elektra is a cool character who just hasn't been portrayed well on screen. Jennifer Garner's portrayal was sub-par at best. Hopefully we see a better version in the Netflix series, but until then I say Olivia Munn would be a great choice. She's as sexy as Elektra and after all, she's playing X-Men's badass ninja Psylocke in their next movie, so why not Elektra?

Venom/Mike "The Miz" Mizanin

This may seem like an odd choice, but hear me out. Eddie Brock is a cocky prick. He's just a bad guy. Mizanin is known for being cocky and arrogant. His wrestling character, The Miz, well that's his whole gimmick. He has also shown his acting ability to be a jerk in the movie Santa's Little Helper. Mizanin also showed his surprising acting ability in the latest installments in The Marine franchise.

Enchantress/Jennifer Morrison

The Enchantress is a character fans have wanted to see on screen for a while now. Jennifer Morrison is a great candidate, and if you've watched the latest season of Once Upon a Time, you'd know why. Morrison's character has become dark and uses magic. She is practically everything the Enchantress would be and she excels in the role.

Vulture/John Malkovich

I just can't imagine anyone else in this role. Just think, we almost got this too. It's been heavily spread around online that if Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy went to a fourth film, we would've seen John Malkovich as the Vulture. Malkovich looks the part and needs no defending of his acting ability.

Kingpin/Kevin Spacey

I just want to mention, that James Gandolfini would make an excellent Kingpin if he were still alive. That being said, Kevin Spacey would be amazing. If you watch House of Cards then you know just how good Spacey is at being a corrupt politician. That isn't so far off as what you would need in the Kingpin. Not to mention, he showed how well he can pull off a bald head in the lackluster Superman Returns.

Well that wraps up yet another fancast/recast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sound off in the comments what you did and didn't like. Anyone I miss? Let me know!


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