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It was announced back in October that the 2001 hit Ocean's Eleven would be remade and restructured with an all female cast. This shouldn't come as a surprise since we have seen similar moves in the last few years with such movies as Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters.

There is a definite surge for strong female-driven movies lately and the Hollywood box-office has taken notice.

Trainwreck grossed $136 million, Pitch Perfect $115 million, then $285 million with the sequel, and The Heat grossed $229 million. Hollywood is ready to start restructuring some of those classic film favorites so that America can get its dose of girl power that it has been recently craving.

Along with the announcement of the Ocean's reboot came the news that Sandra Bullock would take the lead role, which once belonged to the smoldering face of George Clooney.

Danny Ocean, George Clooney / Sandra Bullock

This got me thinking.

Who else would we want to see as Ocean's cronies? Thinking of each character, I came up with a list of my favorite actresses to play each of the Eleven.

Rusty Ryan, Brad Pitt / Rachel McAdams

Ryan is Ocean's right-hand man. He's the first person Ocean goes to with the scheme to rob three high-end casinos in one night. In the 2001 movie, every time the camera turned to Brad Pitt, he was shoving food in his face. The guy was constantly eating. I'm not sure why this makes me think of McAdams? I guess ever since True Detective season two (God, rest its soul), I have come to think of McAdams as a serious badass. Plus, if you ever watched The Family Stone, you know she has a way of coming off in an intelligent, yet facetious way.

Linus Caldwell, Matt Damon / Anna Kendrick

Linus. Good ole' Linus was the child of two master jewel thieves who just so happened to pass down their exceptional skill. Played by Matt Damon in 2001, he was cautious and wary about joining Ocean's group. Anna Kendrick is perfect for this. She just seems like a tiny, little pickpocket, doesn't she?

Virgil Malloy, Casey Affleck / Jennifer Lawrence

Who could forget Virgil Malloy? The sarcastic and arrogant mechanic who was constantly fighting with his brother, played by the ever so adorable and young Casey Affleck. J Law is my only choice. And since Gary Ross is set to take over for Steven Soderbergh, I assume he would hit up my girl since he did The Hunger Games. Sadly, my hopes for seeing her in this role are slim to none, since I know she just signed up for Darren Aronofsky's new film and her schedule is probably pretty jammed. A girl can cross her fingers.

Turk Malloy, Scott Caan / Emma Stone

Do I really need to elaborate on Turk? Virgil's ruder brother, originally played by Scott Caan, has to be Emma. Can't you see it? The two hilarious actresses, Stone and Lawrence, playing off of each other in a comically genius, sibling rivalry? It's what Hollywood dreams are made of.

Frank Cotton, Bernie Mac / Marion Cotillard

Frank Cotton, portrayed by the late, great Bernie Mac, was a casino worker and con man. The character has a flair for fashion, which made Bernie so fly and metrosexual. Marion Cotillard is such a stunning actress (one of my favorites) and it would be refreshing to see her in an action comedy where she works the black jack tables and struts couture.

Basher Tarr, Don Cheadle / Sofia Vergara

This was a clear choice and one I believe others will agree with. Basher Tarr is an explosives expert with an exaggerated accent. Extremely intelligent, but has a flair for the over dramatic. Enough said.

Livingston Dell, Eddie Jemison / Zoe Kravitz

Jemison's character, Livingston Dell, is an electronics and surveillance expert (basically a computer hacker in 2016) who is highly anti-social. The oh-so gorgeous and talented Kravitz would look ravishing behind a PC (okay, laptop). We just really need to see her in more things I feel.

Saul Bloom, Carl Reiner / Queen Latifah

Saul Bloom is an older con man who made it out and is wary when Ocean comes knocking. Played by Reiner originally, the character struggles with the sensibility of going back just one last time. I see no one else for this role, but the wonderful and clear-minded Queen Latifah.

"Amazing" Yen, Shaobo Qin / Karen Fukuhara

Karen Fukuhara is an up and coming, young, Japanese-American actress. She is set to play Katana in 2016's highly anticipated Suicide Squad. A martial arts champion and UCLA graduate, she would be perfect for the part of the "Amazing" Yen. Played by Qin in 2001, the character is a skilled acrobat.

Rueben Tishkoff, Elliot Gould / Helen Mirren

Tishkoff is a former casino owner and older, wealthy friend of Ocean's. Played by Gould, he served as a wise advisor to Ocean's crew throughout the film and even backed the heist from the get-go (but mainly because he had prior beef with Benedict). Helen Mirren. Hands down. The queen will reign.

Terry Benedict, Andy Garcia / Jada Pinkett-Smith

Terry Benedict a.k.a. Andy Garcia a.k.a. the person you despised the most, especially in that dinner scene with Julia Roberts? Come on... Anyway, Jada would be supreme boss over the casinos, go head to head with Bullock, and would be Helen Mirren's nemesis. Jada has the best sass I have ever experienced in a female actor, so who better to play this strong business woman?

Either way, whoever they cast, the female reboot of Ocean's Eleven is going to be fantastic. But if anyone out there in Hollywood is looking for a young intuitive casting director... well, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail!


Do you think Sandra Bullock was a good choice for Ocean?


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