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I am not a gamer by any means. I am really good at Super Mario Galaxy and Epic Mickey. I lean from one side to the other when playing Mario Kart and I jump a little when I need a character in any video game to jump. That being said, this is my first venture into the Minecraft world.

For those that don't know, though I am sure I am one of the few, Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic adventure game that takes place in the world of Minecraft. The protagonist, Jesse, along with her friends, are on a mission to find heroes, known as The Order of the Stone, in order to save the world from armageddon. Again, never having played Minecraft, I saw 'The Order of the Stone' and immediately hoped there was some sort of Harry Potter reference. Spoiler Alert: There isn't. Based on my experience with this adventure in gaming, here are five things I discovered while playing Minecraft: Story Mode.

1. The Story is Fun and Appealing

The plot includes Jesse going on a great adventure, battling zombies, solving complex puzzles, and overcoming obstacles to save the world. While the pace of the gameplay takes some getting used to, the story is quite enjoyable.

2. Participating in the Story

I started playing and I thought it was cool that my choices throughout the game made a true difference in the outcomes of certain situations. However, the amount of actual game play in comparison to watching the story play out is slightly unbalanced and I would have liked to participate a bit more in the story.

3. I Quite Enjoyed My Choices Making a Difference in Outcomes

Despite the slow pace of the gameplay, I found joy in having the ability to make different choices and have those choices affect my endgame. It gave me that nostalgic feeling of reading Goosebumps books where you chose your fate, except you can't go back in Minecraft. I also think it is pretty neat that I can see the percentage of players who made the same decisions at the end of the episode. Throughout the story, I realized how my decisions affected my ability to complete tasks with ease and I began making less rash decisions and became a little more humble. On that note...

4. You Will Get Through Obstacles Easier If You Are Less Confrontational...Usually

I am a bit of a hot head, and my version of Jesse was no different. When given the option of asking someone how he is going to escape, following his advice, staying silent, or punching him, I had Jesse knock his lights out. Maybe I'm too rash for this game, but I learned that being aggressive throughout makes the game more difficult to get through or causes you to have to take extra steps to complete tasks. It is smart to learn when to be aggressive and when to be humble.

5. Should you check out Minecraft: Story Mode?

While I found the pace of the game to be a bit slow for my liking, I can see why it has such a huge following. I think that in order to appreciate this game, I probably need to have been into this game since the beginning. Those who have been around since day one, will, and based on the ratings, have enjoyed this game immensely now that they get to immerse themselves in the world of Minecraft. Even though it wasn't exactly the game for me, I recommend it to anyone who has played Minecraft before or enjoys open world games where you have free reign over your actions and how they affect the world.

I'm sure you have some amazing thoughts on this! Let me know in the comments!


Is Minecraft: Story Mode the bee's knees?


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