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Finland's First Superhero Movie 'Rendel' is really happening - and it’s going to be an epic mind fuck!

It has been over 17 years since the director Jesse Haaja came up with the idea of Rendel and it will be no longer than by the end of this year when this extraordinary, one of a kind Finnish superhero will finally be seen on screen. Judging by the movie’s Facebook page, which already has over 72, 000 followers, the upcoming feature film is long awaited by the fans too.

CGI ride with Lahtaaja and Rotikka
CGI ride with Lahtaaja and Rotikka

Most of the movie was filmed last year. After 8 intense weeks of shooting by the end of November, the crew had been filming in total of six different cities around Finland. Haaja is naturally thrilled the movie is getting closer to being finished:

It has been a huge effort from all of our crew to make this film. Shooting days were 14-20 hours long without exceptions and most days we worked till early hours. But it was worth it. One of the biggest positive surprises was the high visual quality we were able to achieve.

Kris Gummerus is RENDEL
Kris Gummerus is RENDEL

There is still two more weeks of filming left in the spring. The reason more filming was scheduled is because the cast is getting new, top notch international enforcements. Like with a lot of details about the movie, Haaja wants to keep the final cast as a secret until further notice. Not much is known about the storyline but Haaja ensures the secrecy will pay off in the end:

"You know nothing"
"You know nothing"
I’m quite sure a lot of people will be surprised when they see the movie. There is a fair possibility of a mind fuck.

The last shooting days are tactically scheduled just before the Cannes Film Festival where the crew will be promoting the upcoming film. And it’s not the only place Rendel will make an appearance during spring, so stay tuned! For the fans that are already getting restless, it’s good news as new material prepared for festivals will be released for audiences too.

Take a look at Rendel's Making of Episodes:

Official Website

Rendel is a comic character created by the director Jesse Haaja 17 years ago in Finland. Now, over a decade after the first sketches, the masked avenger Rendel is about to hit the cinemas. Rendel will be the first Finnish superhero movie ever. The project was launched 27th of March 2014.

Director of photography: Tero Saikkonen
Photos: Juuli Aschan / Haaja & Arwo Design Oy
Text: Blockbusters Gang


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