ByRemi Abrahams, writer at

Over the last few years I started becoming more keen on what the comic book world had to offer. Hollywood brought us many Super hero movies to both enjoy and forget, but there was definitely a sense of something big happening.

I decided to head back to where it started for me - buying comic book just so I could draw the characters in them, in the exact same poses. As time went by, I adopted a style and made it my own with tweaks here and there. That part of my life lay dormant for a while until recent years when I decided I should head back in this fantasy world. That's when I discovered the "love of my life"...Harley

It seems I have a deep affection for the crazy side of females and Harley captures my imagination and attention like no other. The insane and tough, yet cute and sometimes fragile Ms. Quinn has pushed my imagination to extremes. This is where my love affair with her and all she's about starts and hopefully, never ends!


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