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Pokemon X and Y is the latest generation in the Pokemon universe, and it's safe to say we've had time to dig deep into this game seeing as it's out since October 2013, but now that you might've caught them all, which are the best? What even defines the best? On this list I'm going by pure looks and not abilities. With Pokemon, the coolest or cutest are usually your favorites! Let's count it down!

15. Trevenant

A ghost, grass type Pokemon that has a similar name to this years number 1 Oscar frontrunner. He's big, brooding and a hell of a spooky dude. His stats as a Pokemon are fantastic too! As far as tree Pokemon go, Trevenant is the best around. I don't we'll see a cooler tree in future, mainly because there's only so cool a tree can get! Bu that's why Trevenant has made the list.

14. Vivillon

When I first saw Vivillon, I thought it was a decent Pokemon, then I found out you can get different patterns on its wings and I was sold. I thought the idea of there being this many types of one Pokemon was insanely cool. Personally, the Elegant Patter is my favourite! Maybe we might even get more in future games! *cough* Pokemon Z *cough*.

13. Amaura

Amaura is one of two fossil Pokemon in X and I have to say, the standard for the both of them is insanely good. I love Amaura, but I can't say the same for her evolution, Aurorus, who loses its cuteness and turns sorta weird.I will admit that it kind of looks like a My Little Pony, but that doesn't take away how cute this is.

12. Pancham

This is one Pokemon who really tries to lough tough, but it doesn't work, he ends up just looking like a teddy bear! Pancham is a cool little panda who evolves in to Pangoro, but Pancham is cooler of the two. I think he seems like a Pokemon from generation 1, but maybe they were just saving him for a few years. I'm not sure about the leaf in his mouth, I think he'd be higher up on the list if he didn't have it! What do you guys think?

11. Noivern

Love bats, but don't like Zubat? Well here's the fix for you, as Noivern is one of the bad-ass Pokemon to date. Who would have thought that the little Noibat would turn into this scary, awesome flying dragon type. If you're a fan of the dragons, then you have to have this dude evolved. My one has poor stats so I don't use him, but I'll never trade him, he's way too cool.

10. Klefki

I must admit, when I first saw Klefki, I thought he looked sorta dumb. Then I caught the thing and it really did grow on me, to the point of having him number 10 in this list! Who knew a set of keys would be one of my favourites. He's not the most effective Pokemon ever made, but that's not what this list is about. I would like to see him evolve in future games and maybe turn into a keycard or something.

9. Tyrunt

The second of the fossil Pokemon is number 9 on this list, and I chose to pick him over Tyrantrum purely based cause I prefer Tyrunt. I love dinosaurs in general so this Pokemon has to be one of my favourites! Definitely my preferred over the two fossil Pokemon. The reason he's not higher on this list is because he looks like a standard dinosaur rather than that Pokemon touch.

8. Pyroar

Pyroar is one of the most glorious and elegant Pokemon from X & Y, but which one do you prefer? I have X, which is good because he is just way cooler. There's a few Pokemon who look similar to these two, but for me, they just stands out. This would be higher on the list, only for the fact that there are so many Pokemon in the cat family and sometimes they all get a bit confusing. Kind of like the dog family in Pokemon.

7. Yveltal

Probably the first controversial one on this list, you're probably thinking why isn't he higher up? Well just because he's a legendary, that doesn't mean it guarantee's him a spot up top. In saying that, he still is super cool and a worthy legendary. Red and black are awesome colors together and this dudes got some major claws going on which makes him a fierce legendary to come up against. Once again, I have Pokemon X, so I can't catch this guy unfortunately.. If it was his shiny he would be way higher up in this list, you have to check it out, its white and red and just so cool.

6. Fennekin

Fennekin is a sad story for me, because I loved it as a Pokemon as first but I really don't like how it evolves. Braixen and Delphox are just not cool at all, a bad evolution for an amazing starter. Nevertheless, Fennekin is one of the cutest Pokemon generation 6 and even all of Pokemon, I think! I do always love fire-starters though and Fennekin is no exception. Maybe someday Delphox will get a mega-evolution and redeem itself!

5. Meowstic

If you evolved Espurr, then you know you get either one of the above Meowstic's, depending on what gender they are. Either way these two are cool as hell and cute at the same time. By far one of my favorite Pokemon ever, especially the dominantly white one! I really would love a third evolution for these two, maybe they would be higher on the list if they had one!

4. Sylveon

Not many fairies have been included on this list, personally I'm a fan of the fairies and most of us knew with a new type we would get a new Eevee-lution! We're never going to run out of evolutions for the wonderful Eevee and Sylveon is the latest in a long line of fantastic Pokemon. A welcome addition in the fairy type.

3. Xerneas

Now on to the X legendary, Xerneas, who is the most graceful Pokemon I've ever seen. A fairy Pokemon who is super powerful and looks great too. At first I wasn't fond of the antlers, and I'm still not super sold because they kind of luck like candy. If they looked somewhat different, Xerneas might've been number 1. Nevertheless, I still love this fairy-type legendary who also has an amazing shiny version, that's white and blue!

2. Diancie

Diancie is another legendary Pokemon and she is one of my favorite Pokemon ever! The glorious pink shards make this fairy-type unmistakable to look at. I still don't have one of these, someday I'll catch her. I think I would've put her higher up in the list if the bulky rock beneath her wasn't there. That's just my opinion though, let me know what you think!

1. Greninja

This Pokemon needs no explanation. A starter for Pokemon X, who grows on to be one of the coolest guys in the whole of Pokemon, as well as that, he has fantastic moves! I thought his starter was all right, but I chose him anyway and I'm so glad I did because Greninja is definitely in my top 3 favorite Pokemon ever! But that's a list for another day. Greninja is so influential, that he got his own DLC character is the latest Smash Bros. game! Long live Greninja!

So that's my list guys! Let me know what yours is in the comments! Follow me for more gaming and movie news.


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