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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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If Leo doesn't finally scoop his Oscar for The Revenant, perhaps his next dark, gory movie will do the trick. Leonardo DiCaprio is teaming up with the great Martin Scorsese to tell the dark tale of H.H. Holmes, known as 'America's First Serial Killer.'

Leo's Holmes biopic will be inspired by Erik Larson's book about H.H. Holmes, The Devil in the White City. Illustrator Holly Carden has created an incredible resource for Holmes's castle. Check out this exquisitely detailed cross-section.

The loving attention to detail is what really sets Carden's work apart; check out the full size image here for historically accurate elements such as hidden staircases used to transport bodies down to the basement.

There were also chutes concealed within the walls for extra-fast, surreptitious transportation of corpses to Holmes's underground lair of dismemberment.

Carden worked from blueprints and floor plans of the Hotel itself (like the image below), showing incredible dedication to unpicking the secrets of H.H. Holmes's infamous Murder Castle. You can read more about Carden's illustrative process here.

Our most recent brush with serial killer H.H. Holmes was an indirect one: he is the basis for Evan Peters's character in American Horror Story: Hotel, the dastardly, bloodthirsty James Patrick March. March created his own hotel of horrors to rival Holmes's, described in the show:

"Entire hallways with no rooms offa them... some kind of secret passage system."

H.H. Holmes and the book about his life
H.H. Holmes and the book about his life

"It was a perfectly designed torture chamber, an engineered alibi, secret chutes and rooms to hide and dispose of the bodies... hallways with no exits... the walls were lined with Asbestos to mask the screams."

March also took the approach to construction that Holmes favored: he employed a number of different builders and architects so that he alone would know all of the hotel's secrets. Here's a clip of March's, uh... creative process.

Evan Peters told Variety about how affected he was by bringing out the darkness required to play a character like Mr. March, channeling the sick nature of H.H. Holmes:

"There was one point, I won’t say what part it was, but I was sitting there and there was a lot of blood and it was definitely an intense moment.

I was sitting there and we were in between takes and I kind of stood there and said, 'Wow man. I’ve done five seasons and this is starting to really get to me. It’s starting to get a little weird.'"

Check out more articles about H.H. Holmes and his twisted murder hotel. You can buy your own stunning print of H.H. Holmes's murder castle for just 50 bucks here.

Source: Imgur, Reddit, Variety, Youtube


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