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We've all had that one picture taken where we mysterious transform from a slightly tipsy, jovial party guest to a drooling, slack-jawed, gurning competition winner thanks to the unbearable cruelty of freezing a moment in time, and it looks like Queen Elsa has been there too.

In a brand new internet meme, an unflattering screen shot of the Queen of Arendelle has been dubbed 'Drunk Elsa,' and the accompanying text would be enough to even make scumbags like Prince Hans blush in shame.

Check out the potty mouthed princess slurring out the scandal in the images below to see what I mean!

Shot! Shot! Shot!

I guess a chilled tequila is a little weird Elsa, but alright...

Not From His Armpit, Elsa!

Well, that escalated quickly.

Where's the Nearest Plant Pot?!

FFS Elsa, you're meant to be royalty.


I thought your whole spiel was that you didn't need a man?!

When I was pointing out that man thing, I didn't mean THIS to be an alternative. Back in the room with you, young lady.

(Source: Imgur)


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