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As if there aren't enough violent death scenes on this show!

Sir John Standing — the actor who played Jon Arryn's corpse in the first episode of Game of Thrones — has recently spoken out about the mystical and so far unaired Game of Thrones pilot.

Queen Cersei strikes again

His character was already dead when he was introduced on the show, but in the pilot he was alive only to be brutally murdered.

"He said “I want you to get out of your bed and I want you to crawl across the room and I want you to put your hand up and there’s a bottle of ink on the table. And I want you to take it as though you’re going to write something. The bottle of ink will come crashing down, you’ll be covered in ink. And then the queen will come in and she’ll stamp on your fingers and you’ll die.
And I said “Got it, okay. Whatever.”
So I did this and it was just lunatic, I can only tell you. And then this woman came in who was adorable, it was Lena [Headey], she was just the best. And she came in and did her bit and everything. And the scene inevitably got cut. To nothing!"

Sounds like the original plan was for Queen Cersei to kill Jon Arryn, which deviates from the books and what the show ended up doing — revealing that Lysa Arryn murdered him after being instructed by Petyr Baelish. Here's a clip from that scene, in case you've forgotten:

The Game of Thrones pilot has so far not been released, and apparently they did some major changes after the pilot received some bad feedback. Jon Snow stopped wearing a wig and Daenerys was re-cast — she was originally supposed to be played by actress Tamzin Merchant.

I really hope they will release the pilot one day, because I would love to see Jon Snow in a bad wig. Until they release it I guess we'll just have to enjoy the regular show, and the new season premieres April 24.



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