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Love 'em or hate 'em, you better know that they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Ever since Keeping Up with the Kardashians usurped our screens a whopping 11 seasons ago back in 2007, we have been exposed to a tirade of their fast-growing and perfectly polished brand. All wonderfully spearheaded by ultimate warrior and 'momager' Kris Jenner.

Indeed, this woman has marvelously ensured that her brood has dominated the world of reality TV (and every other sphere of the entertainment industry for that matter) — and that's why the fact that something went so wrong in last week's episode is so much more shocking.

"Where is my whore of a mother?"

Khloe Kardashian LOVES glitter!
Khloe Kardashian LOVES glitter!

According to Wendy Molyneux (a writer on Bob's Burgers), while she was watching the show the other day, something popped out at her that made her jaw drop. And she's pretty sure that it was a snippet of conversation not at all intended for the show's audience. Here's her Tweet:

Yep, just as Khloé was finishing off smearing glitter all over her butt for a photoshoot, Molyneux heard her ask 'where's my mother?' All this would be well and good if the subtitles on the screen hadn't shockingly read 'where is my whore of a mother?' Whoa.

How such a mistake got into the final edit of the episode is bizarre, but my guess is that those in charge of the closed-captioning are quite probably without a job right now. After all, it's highly doubtful that Kris Jenner would stand for such a defamation.

Yet, that's not to say the closed-captioners were at fault — they could have well heard Khloé refer to her mama like that, after all it's not like the ladies on the show hadn't said similarly controversial things in the past, is it? Here are some examples:

1. That time Kylie called Kendall 'a f*cking bitch'

Oh, she called her a c*nt over borrowing her dress too.

2. That time Kim referred to Indian food as 'disgusting'

Probably not the best idea to insult a country's national dish on TV, Kimmy.

3. That time Kim and Khloé had a turbulent argument with Kris

When a fight blew up, Twitter went wild with shock about how disrespectful the sisters were to their mom. Here's what some said:

So, in lieu of this, do you think it's likely Khloé actually called her mother a 'whore' on TV?



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