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Love him or loathe him, Justin Bieber pops up like a warbling, underwear clad gopher in every conceivable corner of the media these days and now it appears that the controversial star has entered the Magical Kingdom.

In a bizarre Cosmopolitan spread by Deviantart favorite Isaiah Stephens, Disney princes have been mashed up with many different eras of Bieber to create wholesome hunks that every tween would scream themselves hoarse for, but what do the grown adults out there think?

Simba Is Youthful, Floppy Fringe Bieber

I guess as heir to the throne, Simba is technically a prince, right?

Kristoff Is Rolling Stone Cover Bieber

Hot, Ready, Legal? Ew.

Hans Is Mug Shot Bieber

I have a feeling that Hans's punishment was a bit more severe...

Li Shang Is Calvin Klein Campaign Bieber

With Mulan as Lara Stone, naturally.

Aladdin Is Pet Monkey Justin Bieber

But when Abu practically became a prince, Bebu was left to rot in German custody. Ouch.

Snow White And Her Prince As Jelena

Alas, there is only one happy ending here!

Is it too late now to say I'm sorry?

Which Disney/Bieber fusion would be your prince charming?

(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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