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A week after casting its Count Olaf, Netflix's new adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events just found two of its three Baudelaire orphans.

For the uninitiated, Lemony Snicket's series of thirteen darkly comical books follow the bleakly miserable lives of the Baudelaires, whose parents are killed in a tragic accident... unless it wasn't an accident at all. Take a look at this fan-made teaser, which captures the tone of the series perfectly.

They are placed in the care of various foster parents, but at every turn the hideously evil Count Olaf, a master of disguise with an unfortunate monobrow and an ugly ankle tattoo, attempts to rob the children of the fortune they're due to receive when they become adults. reports that Malina Weissman will play Violet, the eldest of the Baudelaire children, who is incredibly resourceful and distrusting of the guardians they end up with (which makes sense, because they're all idiots or Count Olaf in disguise).

Weissman currently plays a young Kara Zor-El in flashbacks on Supergirl. Check her out in action in the clip below:

Newcomer Louis Hynes has also been cast as Klaus, the bookish middle child.

Netflix seems to have assembled a talented cast for Unfortunate Events. It's a big break for a young actress like Weissman, who'll be joining recently-cast Neil Patrick Harris as the evil Count. You could say she'll be Olaf-ing all the way to the bank, but then you'd have made a terrible pun.

Hopefully A Series of Unfortunate Events will be ready to go before 2016 is out. Expect more casting news in the next few weeks.


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