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India is all set to celebrate its 66th Republic Day on 26th January 2016 and the whole world will be the witness of this unmatched national festival of world’s largest democracy. If you are living in India you can enjoy the life parade of Republic Day on Raj Path will perform by the defense and social squads before the nation.

Or if you are outside of India there are so many options alive as well. You can enjoy this very proud full day with your family and friends and feel your nationalism from Canada as well.

There are some entertainment stuffs like patriotic movies already on the floor to make you proud with an Indian feeling by their nationalistic and devoted performance from actors in movies. Let’s choose one of your favorite movies to watch on this Republic Day with your family and friends like Rang De Basanti, Lagaan, Chak De India, Swades, Border, Gandhi or LOC – Kargil.

It is also a moment to remember our leaders and soldiers who sacrificed not only their life but submitted their entire clan into the feet of Mother India and to get freedom for the nation. You will be filled with national pride when you watch Rang De Basanti that won 8 out of 10 awards for its nominations.

Lagaan the Oscar nominated movie is one of the most dramatic wins over English men by poor villagers of India in a cricket match. The villagers fight for their pride to save Lagaan after a rainless agriculture season.

Chak De India presents a sportsmanship that belongs to national pride. An underrated hockey women team prepares to play a big competition and gets a huge victory when their coach Kabir Khan, a former hockey star, tainted as someone who betrayed his country motivates them to leave individual strife and focus on their win that belongs to the Nation.

You can watch Indian TV channels in Canada and enjoy one more very promising movie Swades. A story of Indian rural world- village survives with low water level and short rainfalls and an engineer turn the destiny in the favour of villagers. When a purpose leads to encouraging citizens of the nation, becomes a mission and all the enthusiasm join this prosperous momentum. How a single motivation can make a difference and turn into a history.

Border- A movie rocked the screens all over the country and encouraged all Indians about to fight never let down. The real incident: Battle of Longewala fought in Rajasthan, where a band of 120 soldiers defend their post all night until helped by the Air Force. This movie will surely give you goose bumps and make you realise about the situations army people face to save their country.

Gandhi movie also will be available on Indian TV Live in Canada that says enough about by its title. What our great man was and how he dominated English rulers by using a weapon of non-violence. There is no need to say about this story because the whole world knows how this divine soul makes India free.

You can enjoy this Republic Day by watching LOC – Kargil to refresh a hard battle between Pakistani army men and Indian army. Indian army destroyed each enemy and their bunkers of Pakistani army who entered into our nation with wrong intentions.

India never needs any help to stand up and we the people of India will keep this truth upon our shoulders alive forever. Long live India.


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