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With any video game that gets adapted for the big screen, little references are inevitable, but with a game as sprawling and beloved as World of Warcraft, Easter Eggs will hopefully be laid in huge numbers.

Following the untimely death of his father David Bowie, director Duncan Jones is back on Twitter and generously updating fans with all the happenings on building Warcraft's world.

Later that same day, Jones shared an early look at the streets of Warcraft, and they really do appear reliably close to the game.

Here's the distinctive Hero's Call Board

WoW players will instantly recognize this as the location to pick up quests in the game. Actually, pretty much any gamer who skews toward fantasy will recognize something similar (as someone who can't stop playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, this makes me want to return to my PS4 immediately).

The movie's version is both realistic and spot-on

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment

And fans were quick to bring the setpiece in line with their own experiences, which Jones was more than happy to retweet.

Ahhh, the joy of a new quest. Jones is challenging you to find all of them listed there, and some eagle-eyed writers have already spotted hints at Darkmoon Faire, Hogger, Brewfest, and more.

Jones also gave us a glimpse at Stormwind's local flavor

On this street, we see the Woadside Inn and The Slaughtered Calf butcher's shop. Based on the impressive set design, it looks like no stone is going unturned in giving Warcraft a totally immersive feel for the game's stalwart fan base.

Lastly, in case you missed it, here's the first TV spot for Warcraft

In it, we finally get to see more of a fighting Garona along with some other new footage. We may still have to wait until June 10, 2016 before Warcraft finally hits theaters, but at least Duncan Jones is making all this anticipation worth it.

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