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Despite myself, Final Fantasy 15 has become one of my most highly anticipated games of 2016. Square Enix have been working on this game for almost 10 years; there are extremely high expectations. Of course, it has changed significantly throughout this development period, but we couldn't be more excited to know that this installment will be getting its release date in a matter of months.

As we're all jumping at any opportunity to check out how Final Fantasy 15 is coming along, we're delighted to know that Square Enix has scheduled their next Active Time Report for the JRPG this Saturday. The event is scheduled for 8 p.m. PT on January 30, and has plenty of info for news-hungry fans!

Final Fantasy 15 Event - News, Magic, Stealth, & Release Date Info

New Final Fantasy 15 screenshot
New Final Fantasy 15 screenshot

Square Enix's Active Time Reports for Final Fantasy 15 have been going on for some time now. They generally last for over an hour and feature Final Fantasy 15 Director Hajime Tabata and Marketing Manager Akio Ofuji. The two discuss elements of the game that have not been announced yet, and we generally get lots of screenshots, gameplay footage and cinematics to boot.

Ahead of Saturday's Report, Square Enix have announced that they'll be discussing various areas of gameplay, with specific attention being placed on the game's magic systems. We're also gaining insights into the sneaking mechanics of Final Fantasy 15, along with tons of other news. The game's official Twitter account posted various tidbits of what to expect:

  • Noctis shows off his aerial blade work. Each weapon type has a host of unique actions, combos & magic attacks.
  • Use the terrain to your advantage in combat. A Fire spell will set grass alight & unleash a scorching inferno.
  • Noctis & team infiltrate a Niflheim base & are being careful to avoid being detected by enemy soldiers. (image above)
  • Noctis casts Fire magic to dispatch troops but the huge Magitek Armor approaching means the fight isn't over. (below)
Magitek Armor approaches Noctis
Magitek Armor approaches Noctis

After all of this, Square Enix also mentioned that they'd be discussing the event at which they're due to reveal the release date for Final Fantasy 15. This Report was set to take place in March and will hopefully reveal that this highly anticipated JRPG will be hitting XBOX One and PS4 over the summer. Perhaps they have some bad news on this from though? Well, we'll have to wait for Saturday! What has you excited about Final Fantasy 15?


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