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Before Vin Diesel lost all his hair and found fame and fortune, he had marginally more hair and had to take a few dodgy jobs to make a buck. And we're so eternally grateful he did, otherwise we would've never been blessed with this thing of beauty. Four years before he scored his first big role in Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, he took a job at a toy fair advertising sharks, and a video of his sales tactic has recently floated to the surface.

These weren't just any sharks though, these were Street Sharks. The half human, half shark badass street fighters were so cool they scored their own TV show from 1994-1997.

The Fast and the Furious star is buzzing with excitement as he talks his audience through each shark's key traits and what makes the figurines so cool; Boomer (later named Big Slammu), Sledge (later named Jab), and Ripster, the ring leader.

It is so, so, good:

Source: Comic Book


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