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If you think there are unnerving elements in our daily lives that freak the f*ck out of us these days, let's not even get started on what's lurking in the past.

Below are five historical horrors that prove that our ancestors were some of the creepiest people ever. Here's the evidence:

1. The Mickey Mouse Club

At the height of Disney mania, actual Mickey Mouse clubs sprouted up at local theaters. Yet, instead of exuding a fun and lighthearted vibe, these gatherings mirrored unsettling cult practices from our very nightmares. Just look at those empty mask eyes!

2. Chernobyl's radioactive waste

Following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine in 1986, nobody entered the area for years fearing toxic radioactive damage. However, in 1996, Artur Korneyev visited the premises of location of the explosion and what he came across was downright terrifying.

A giant mushroom had sprouted all over the factory floor, manifesting into one of the most aggressive substances ever come across by humankind -- Corium. Trying to take a picture, Korneyev's camera lens was probably exposed to so much radiation that it caused the film to develop in this distorted way. Creepy!

3. Evil clowns at a carnival

Isn't it shocking how quickly a vision of an innocent fairground ride can be demoted to something so sinister in a matter of seconds? Here's an image of some Klu Klux Klan members on a ferris wheel in Colorado in 1926.

I wish I could un-see it.

4. A man with a giant cart of human bones

Can there ever be a good explanation for a man hauling around a cart filled to the brim with human bones?

Well actually, there can be. This guy was actually a worker in the Paris Catacombs back in the 1860s and his job was essentially to shovel around piles of human remains.

5. Creeping Doll

Scared of dolls? What about one that slowly creeps towards you as it stares at you with its vacant eyes? In 1871, this particular model was unleashed onto the world and I bet the children who played with it haven't been the same ever since.

It's almost as bad as Chucky in Child's Play:


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