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Netflix has started the process to block its Kiwi streaming subscribers who used VPN service to access foreign catalogues.

Netflix Inc. has imposed a complete ban on Kiwi subscribers due to regular access of the US catalogue via proxies and VPNs. The company expanded in Australia and New Zealand in March 2015 and ever since then, it has been facing troubles from the streaming subscribers.

Despite of a very strong start in both regions, illegal and unethical use of Netflix services is increasing day by day. The officials decided to take an action against such users and it made it very clear that geo dodging while using the service is prohibited.

The news published in New Zealand highlighted that the streaming subscribers in the region are now reconsidering their options after the global streaming service began crackdown on VPN users. Netflix’s customers in the country expressed their rage and anger on social media forums. Mostly, subscribers on Twitter reporting that they have been blocked from viewing US or any other foreign video content.

Netflix offers separate entertainment offerings and catalogue for all regions and it is true that US’s catalogue is superior to those of other regions. This move suggests that the organization is fulfilling its promise that it made at the beginning of this year. It vowed to restrict all of its subscribers to only access the content that is available for their particular country.

This is the main reason why the internet TV provider is blocking users from not only New Zealand but also Australia and other countries as well if it tracks the same activities. One Kiwi subscriber tweeted, “Did you know that locking me out of global Netflix won't make me sign up to NZ one? (or even worse, Neon/Lightbox)”

Another Kiwi subscriber on Twitter wrote that blocking users from accessing global Netflix library would not compel them to take the local membership. Sam Russell stated, “I think I'd cancel Netflix before moving to their NZ catalogue.”

It is still not sure whether this move would cost the company its streaming subscribers or not. Furthermore, the crackdown on Australian users is also successful so far and they have been completely blocked from viewing the US version through VPN service.

Jai Dattani, the spokesperson of Netflix, has not yet confirmed if the company had actually started banning Kiwi streaming subscribers from accessing foreign catalogues. He stated that the firm warned all of its users that it will take such action in the coming times if the problem continues. He added, “We haven't specified, country by country, when it is happening so there is nothing further I can add.”

Several Australian and New Zealand subscribers expressed their anger by cancelling their subscriptions immediately. On the other hand, the other group of subscribers is looking for other domestic and international options, as they are now unable to watch their favorite programming for the foreign services of the company.

The use of VPN and geo-dodging tricks are very high in the region and it was noticed during the time of launch that more than 340,000 viewers subscribed to Netflix using a VPN service prior to the launch in the country. Initially these users subscribed for the US service because of its wide range of entertainment offerings.


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