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While there's still no official word on who will play Han Solo in the many forthcoming Star Wars films, it's pretty fun to ponder and argue all of the different possibilities. In our latest contest we asked you all to do just that, and boy did you guys come up with some great ideas.

Finally, after much deliberation and communication with our rebel consultants (who shall remain nameless for intergalactic security issues) we believe we've found our pick.

The winner of our latest contest is James Buxton, who strongly believes that Anthony Ingruber should be trusted with the task of portraying Captain Solo in Star Wars: Rogue One and the films to follow!

Scruffy lookin' enough?
Scruffy lookin' enough?

HUGE thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas and turned this challenge into a truly interesting conversation. Keep up the fantastic work and we will see you next time.

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