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Karly Rayner

If you've always thought Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece The Shining would be greatly improved by the addition of chickens, googley eyes and inexplicable dancing then roll up because The Chickening has been specially made to cater to your niche kind of madness!

Nick DenBoer and Davy Force's surreal nightmare has been hitting the festival circuits at Sundance and the like, and it really has given the Overlook hotel added edge with the addition of...

Inexplicable Facial Hair!

A Fast Food Themed Theme Park!

Mean Shades!

This Dude!

A Whole New Horrifying Bath Scene!

And This Unnatural Beast!

Truly, there really are no words so watch the trailer below and absorb the weirdness for yourself. It's the only way.


(Source: Geeky Tyrant via THE CHICKENING)


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