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Kurt Arthur

How crazy would this be if Smallville's Clark Kent ,would appear in CBS 'Supergirl'. I loved that show, even though at times the dialogue were very cheesy.Yet, he embodies Clark Kent, not Superman - and I think that was the point of that show. Seeing Superman act as a High School kid, with problems, that plagued the rest of us!

This would make total sense, if only they didn't already cast another Supergirl in 'Smallville'. That shouldn't matter at all, you can just say it's a different continuity, and he would make a perfect cousin for Kara. Just imagine if they brought back Erica Durance 'Lois Lane' to battle Cat Grant!

CBS please ask 'The Man of Steel' to play this character this once more. I love the new Superman's portrayal in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,' I think he encapsulates the Superman side of things. For his Clark Kent, we have not seen enough of his actions to deem him worthy. I know what he said to, but Tom why not make a cameo saving Kara from something out her depths. He would rarely ever have to play on this show. Maybe I am just biased, but please consider doing it, if they ask. I know you were being payed $250,000 an episode on Smallville, but this would mean so much to the fans! Please Tom, just think about it, and let us know soon!


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