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No matter what "clique" you belong to, society will always pass (usually incorrect) judgement about you, your friends and whatever you guys are into. There is one group of movie buffs in particular that tends to receive the hardest judgement and that tend to be the most misunderstood- the horror fans. As a horror fan myself, I know how society tends to view us and what we're really like. Here are some of the most common horror fan expectations vs reality.

We all worship Satan

Reality: While some do, it is not fair to assume that about ALL of us. Just because satanic symbology is used throughout many of the films we love, does not mean that we are all on our knees praying to the dark prince. Have you ever heard the phrase "it's just a movie"?

We're all mean & bully people

Reality: We watch movies filled with gore and violence, so we must be mean bullies, right? WRONG! We watch horror movies, we know the bully always dies. In reality, if we see someone being bullied, we are usually the first to step in and help the bullied.

We're all brooding loners that want nothing to do with other people

Reality: While many of us (like myself) do suffer from certain social anxieties, we are still quite friendly and enjoy meeting people. Horror fans are very social and we are more than just a bunch of people that watch scary movies, we are a community and we like to think of ourselves as one big family. We will smile, be polite and give anyone a chance (as long as you don't pass judgement).

We are all mentally unstable

Reality: We are (for the most part) pretty well balanced members of society. While some of us do suffer from anxiety, we are not psychopaths on the prowl for our next victim. As a matter of fact, we have a pretty firm grip on reality.

We don't give back to society

Reality: Horror fans and actors alike are heavily involved in all types of charity work, the largest being Scares That Care. When you walk into any convention, the first tables you see (9 times out of 10) belong to a charity organization. Whether it's for children suffering from illnesses (Scares That Care) or an organization aimed at helping animals, there is always a massive line of people ready to help.

We're impossible to scare

Reality: We may not be afraid of fictional creatures or situations, but we all have rational fears. Some of us are afraid of things like clowns, dolls and spiders like everyone else. Most of us can just manage our fears a bit better with all of the training we have had watching movies. We may not pee in our pants, but we do get scared just like everyone else.

Life will imitate art

Reality: There have been cases of small minded individuals that have copied what they have seen or heard, but not all of us watch horror movies to learn how to torture or kill someone. We are smarter than that.

We always dress like we are going to a funeral

Reality: While we can usually be found wearing a t-shirt with Freddy, Jason, Michael or any of our other slasher favorites on them, we do (sometimes...not often, but sometimes) dress up and look like "normal members" of society.

We all must work in a morgue

Reality: Sure, some of us do work with the dead, but not all of us. Believe it or not, we are smart and can hold down a "normal" job just like everyone else. There are horror fans that I have met that have careers in prestigious fields such as medicine and law.

We don't have feelings

Reality: Just like every other human being, we have emotions- as a matter of fact, many of us are pretty emotional. We are capable of loving others and expressing how we feel. This misconception happens because you rarely see us throwing a temper tantrum, we compose our emotions and use them. We tend to use our emotions to create, whether it is in the form of a movie, song, poem, short story or drawing, our emotions do not go to waste. Horror fans make the best of every feeling (it usually results in a new, awesome film).

Hopefully this article has helped to dispel any misconceptions you have about horror fans. Remember, we are human beings with feelings. We may look different and enjoy a different kind of art, but we aren't monsters. Never judge a book by its cover (or genre).


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