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Everyone who has watched Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens has seen the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke. But who is he, and what are his motivations? Good evidence suggests he is Darth Plagueis. Without him there would be no Skywalker family and no Star Wars. Evil has a name. Darth Plagueis was a dark lord of the Sith and the master of Darth Sidious. He later became the master of Kylo Ren. The first piece of evidence that supports this comes from the fact that both Darth Sidious and Kylo Ren refer to him as wise.

Kylo Ren mentioned this when his father Han Solo confronted him and asked him to return to the light.

He said, "Supreme Leader Snoke is WISE."

Darth Sidious mentioned him when he tried to seduce the young Anakin Skywalker to the dark side with his fanciful story:

“Darth Plagueis was a dark lord of the Sith so powerful and so WISE, he could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorians to create life. He had such knowledge of the dark side he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying.”

Also when Darth Plagueis is seen or being mentioned, the same creepy tune is always heard:

The Legend of Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis is the ultimate villain who cheated death. His apprentice said to have killed him during his sleep. Darth Plagueis came from a long line of Sith lords and made an immense fortune in banking. His goal was to control the entire galaxy. He first met his apprentice as Palpatine from the planet Naboo. Plagueis saw the brutality and manipulative powers of this young man. He decided to take him under his wing as his apprentice and named him Darth Sidious. He showed his loyalty to the Dark Side by killing his entire family. This of course pleased the dark lord. Plagueis wanted the Sith to return to power after a millennium of Jedi rule. So he came up with a plan to make his apprentice a Senator of the Republic, then Supreme Chancellor, and ultimately emperor of a great empire. Plagueis sought to control his apprentice from behind the scenes and make all the important decisions.

The actions of Darth Plagueis are shrouded in darkness. He did not believe in the afterlife. He sought secret knowledge and was a lover of things other worldly and arcane. He even sought to manipulate the Force to create life. He shared with his apprentice in these dark secrets. Darth Plagueis knew that his apprentice would not want to play second fiddle during his reign. So he decided to create a being powerful enough to destroy his apprentice if he ever needed it. He began many experiments with the Force in this life making process. Little did he know at the time that one of his experiments succeeded. He impregnated through the Force a woman named Shmi Skywalker. She was a poor slave woman that lived on the Outer Rim planet of Tatooine. They conceived a child named Anakin, who was more powerful than any Jedi who ever lived. If the Jedi knights Qui-gon Jinn and Obi-wan Kenobi never discovered the young Anakin, the galaxy at large would have never known about him.

On the night before Palpatine was elected Supreme Chancellor, Darth Plagueis and his apprentice celebrated their certain victory over the Senate. Darth Plagueis grew fond of his apprentice and trusted him. During the party Darth Plagueis got very drunk and fell asleep. Then Darth Sidious decided to make his move. Although he respected his master, Sidious knew he needed to destroy him if he ever wanted to advance. So Sidious used force lightning on his master in an attempt to kill him. However Plagueis woke up and fought back, and they broke out in a light saber duel. Sidious used the Force to slam his master’s face on the ground and then whacked him on the top of the head with a light saber. He also poked him many times with light sabers to ensure his death.

The evil Darth Sidious
The evil Darth Sidious

And this was the end of Darth Plagueis, OR WAS IT? As the story goes, the Sith lord did not die at the hand of Darth Sidious, but rather DECEIVED his apprentice into thinking he was dead. He may have stopped his pulse and breathing for a time, but used the Dark Side of the Force to keep himself alive. Darth Plagueis achieved great power, and his only fear was losing it. So he disappeared into the Unknown Regions and spent the next few years trying to recover. While waiting he may have watched the Senate proceedings through the eyes of simple minded fools and did some political manipulation of his own.

Darth Sidious began the Clone Wars in attempt to tear the galaxy apart and begin his great rise to power. He had every intention of becoming the eternal Sith lord. He perverted the Rule of Two into a Rule of One. He intended to avoid betrayal by killing his apprentices and replacing them. He had three apprentices during his reign, and their names were Darth Maul, Darth Tyranus, and Darth Vader. Darth Maul was cut in half by Obi-wan Kenobi after a brawl on Naboo. Legend suggests Darth Maul survived the encounter and was later shot in the head by a poor moisture farmer named Owen Lars on Tattooine. Darth Tyranus, also known as Count Dooku, was a Jedi trained under master Yoda who later turned to the Dark Side. He became the tool of Darth Sidious for beginning the Clone Wars, and Anakin Skywalker later cut off his hands and decapitated him in revenge. Palpatine seduced Anakin Skyalker into becoming his new apprentice and became Darth Vader. Palpatine took interest in him because he recognized Anakin as the creation of his former master.

Darth Sidious gave Order 66, which instructed the clone troopers to turn on the Jedi knights and kill them. He also sent Darth Vader to kill the Jedi at the temple. This effectively brought an end to the Jedi order, and those that survived were forced to go into hiding. Darth Sidious crowned himself emperor after receiving emergency powers. Anakin was created by his father to destroy Darth Sidious. However Anakin was burned by lava after an encounter with Obi-wan and lost much of his ability to use the Force. Darth Vader was placed in a mechanical suit, and now Darth Plagueis had to wait even longer to return.

However something unexpected happened when Anakin Skywalker conceived a pair of twins with Padme Amidala named Luke and Leia. Obi-wan and Yoda decided to split them up. Luke was sent to his uncle Owen Lars on Tattooine, and Leia went to live with Senator Bail Organa on Alderaan. Their identities from each other were kept a secret. After many years, Bail Organa became fed up with the tyranny of imperial rule and decided to form the Rebel Alliance.

When the twins got older they got involved with the Rebel Alliance through a complex turn of events. After Luke got involved, he saved the alliance from utter destruction by the empire. Later the emperor realized that Luke destroyed the first Death Star. So he and Darth Vader tried to seduce him to the Dark Side. Darth Vader hated his master more than anything, because he tricked him into joining the Dark Side. If Vader didn’t do everything the emperor told him, he knew the emperor would kill him. Darth Vader wished to be freed from the bonds of slavery and become the new emperor. Darth Sidious saw Darth Vader as a disappointment and sought to find a better replacement.

Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader

After Luke learned the truth about his father, he confronted him at Endor. He was taken aboard the second Death Star and brought before the emperor. During this time both the emperor and Darth Vader saw Luke reject the Dark Side and reminded Darth Vader of who he was. Darth Vader saw the emperor killing his son Luke with Sith lightning. In the ultimate act of redemption, Anakin Skywalker rejected the Dark Side and killed Darth Vader. Then he saved his son by grabbing the emperor. He threw him down a shaft and destroyed him. Anakin died in the process, but not before he saw Luke with his own eyes. Anakin died in peace and became one with the Force. Then Luke burned his father’s suit on the Endor moon and thus destroyed what remained of Darth Vader.

After the Battle of Endor, the Empire was dealt a severe blow by the Rebel Alliance. The Second Death star was destroyed, the imperial fleet was crippled, and both the emperor and Darth Vader were dead. A year later at the Battle of Jakku, the imperial fleet received another devastating defeat. The New Republic emerged, and the government was moved from Coruscant to Hosnian Prime. A new Senate was created, and then Darth Plagueis made his move. During his exile, he became very powerful with the Dark Side of the Force. He then took the remnants of the Galactic Empire and reformed it into the First Order. He renamed himself Supreme Leader Snoke to conceal his identity and to hide himself from his enemies. He bought his way into power through his immense fortune and supplied the First Order with a vast amount of resources. Many people still believed in the Galactic Empire and its form of government, and many joined the First Order to continue this form of rule.

The First Order created an evil unlike anything the galaxy had ever seen. During the empire, most star systems maintained some level of peace and independence. While Darth Sidious was content to control the powers of central government, Darth Plagueis believed in totalitarianism. He wanted to outdo his old apprentice. He wanted to control every aspect of people’s lives, including what they thought and believed. He began a huge campaign of brainwashing and propaganda, in attempt to rewrite the history of the galaxy. He even convinced many of the young that war heroes such as Luke Skywalker never even existed. His soldiers even kidnapped babies and young children from their families and brainwashed them into becoming his killing machines.

Starkiller Base
Starkiller Base

He also completed the construction of Starkiller Base, a retrofitted planet somewhere out in the Unknown Regions. While the Death Stars could destroy a single planet, Starkiller Base could destroy an entire star system from anywhere in the galaxy with a single shot. It got its energy from nearby stars. Emperor Palpatine may have begun construction on it when he built the second Death Star. However Darth Plagueis put forth his funding and saw it through to completion. He used powerful lasers and vaporizers along with world devastators to create the giant trench for Starkiller Base’s main gun. They used the vast amounts of ore to create a wide number of ships and weapons for the First Order.

While many people were glad the empire fell, it soon became apparent that the new government at Hosnian Prime had grown inept and incompetent. They were unable to deal with the problems that plagued the galaxy. The people had become divided and many even believed that evil didn’t exist. Also sympathizers in the new Senate blocked many efforts to counter the First Order. The problem grew worse and worse. The First Order sought to take control of everything while good people did nothing. However Princess Leia decided to take action by creating the Resistance to counter the First Order.

Meanwhile Luke Skywalker sought to recreate the Jedi Order, and he began a recruitment of Force sensitive individuals throughout the galaxy. However this posed a problem for Supreme Leader Snoke. While he wanted his son Anakin to destroy Darth Sidious, he never intended for him to have children. Snoke fears Luke Skywalker more than anything, because he may have the knowledge and power to destroy him. Snoke has achieved great power, and his only fear is losing it. He communicates through holograms to his minions, because he doesn't want a repeat of what Darth Sidious did to him. He wants to put space between himself and his potential attacker. In his projections he appears over twenty-five feet tall and sits on a throne. This shows he is the biggest threat yet. He cannot afford to allow the Jedi to return, and the seed of Anakin has become the dark lord’s curse.

However Snoke found a foothold with one of the young Jedi. This was a young prince named Ben Solo, son of Leia and Han Solo. He never told Ben that he was his great grandfather. He saw Ben’s great anger, especially towards his parents, and also his obsession with Darth Vader his grandfather. He seduced Ben to the Dark Side by offering to teach him more about Darth Vader. So he convinced him to betray Luke and the new Jedi Order. He pulled a Vader and slaughtered all the students. Then he joined the Knights of Ren and became known as Kylo Ren. However Luke hid his young daughter Rey on the planet Jakku and blocked out her memory with a Jedi mind trick. The mother was the daughter of Luke’s beloved mentor Obi-wan Kenobi. She trained with Luke until she decided to join the First Order.

The evil prince Kylo Ren
The evil prince Kylo Ren

Then Luke went on an exile to discover the ancient Jedi temples and learn more about the prophecy of the Chosen One. Luke thought his father was the Chosen One, but now he has begun to question this. He gave a missing clue to his whereabouts only to his trusted friend Lor San Tekka. Luke wanted his daughter to find him again, but only at the proper time. He also wanted to make sure she would not turn to the Dark Side. Luke has great power, but he doesn’t believe in himself anymore. If only he can overcome his fears and guilt.

After Snoke felt certain the missing clue of Luke’s whereabouts fell into the hands of the Resistance, he decided to use Starkiller Base to destroy the Hosnian system. The plan was three fold. First of all, Snoke wanted to destroy the new government. It was worthless anyways because of its corruption. Second he wanted to destroy the Republic star fleet and cripple the Resistance. Most important of all, he wanted to destroy the galaxy archives that could help lead the Resistance to find Luke. Little did Snoke know that Luke stored a copy of the archives in his R2 unit.

After the Starkiller Base is destroyed by the Resistance, Snoke decides to take things up a level. It’s unlikely he will try to rebuild the Starkiller Base, due to the vast amount of time and resources required to build one. He is desperate to kill Luke, and he will try anything and everything to accomplish this. He will confirm something that Darth Vader once said to the Imperial governors:

“The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.”

So Snoke begins to teach his apprentice Kylo Ren and gives him brutal training in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. Kylo Ren showed his loyalty to the Dark Side by killing his father Han Solo. Snoke may give him a Darth name once he completed his training. Names such as Darth Tantrum, Darth Emo, Darth Whiny, or Darth Vader, Jr. sound appropriate.

Kylo Ren smashes things with his light saber during his hideous fits of rage. Snoke views the Rule of Two as an outdated system because of what Darth Sidious did to him. It’s also not necessary to hide from the Jedi Order, since they were eliminated. So instead of having a single apprentice, he made the Knights of Ren his apprentices to carry out his evil bidding. Because of his Force abilities, Kylo Ren became their leader. Snoke may even reveal a few dark secrets about the past during his training:

Snoke: Did you ever hear the tragedy of DARTH SIDIOUS the PAWN?

Kylo Ren: What happened to him?

Snoke: He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually of course, he did. Unfortunately, he thought his master taught him everything he knew, and then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic… he could manipulate others, but not himself.

However the Resistance locates Luke, and now General Leia sent his daughter Rey to Ahch-To to find him. He went to the first Jedi Temple, where the prophecy of the Chosen One originated. He wanted to find out what the early Jedi knew. They made the prophecy because they had received a collective vision. By the time of master Yoda, the deeds of these ancient Jedi were mostly forgotten. At the temple, Luke found important clues necessary to take down Supreme Leader Snoke. He cannot be destroyed by any normal means. Supernatural power is keeping him alive, and only supernatural power will kill him. After all Snoke has the power of the Dark Side.

Luke Skywalker at Ahch-To
Luke Skywalker at Ahch-To

Soon Rey begins her training with Luke and becomes very powerful in the Force. Kylo Ren also completes his training and becomes a full fledge dark lord of the Sith. Then Rey and Kylo Ren meet and have a giant wizard duel. These cousins put their skills to the test. A lightsaber duel soon follows. However the light outshines the darkness, and Kylo Ren is beaten. He begins to question the power of the dark side and slowly gets broken. Later Kylo Ren encounters Luke Skywalker, and they enter into a lightsaber duel. Luke goes down, but not because he lost. Just like his beloved mentor, Luke will go Obi-wan style. When he joins the Force, Luke will become more powerful than what anyone can possibly imagine.

Soon Kylo Ren realizes that his master is sandbagging him and wants to keep him from living to his full potential. He discovers that the darkness isn’t more powerful than the light. Rather Snoke is just using him for his power. He realizes that Snoke will just crush him after he’s done with him. After an encounter with his mother Leia, Kylo Ren decides to join the Resistance and turn against Snoke and the Knights of Ren. Then he throws away his name Kylo Ren and becomes Ben Solo again. However his past actions will still have consequences, especially since he killed his dad. No one believes his change is sincere, and no one will trust him. However Ben, Rey, and the other heroes engage the Knights of Ren in a huge light saber duel and defeat them. So the Dark Side cult comes to an end.

However Supreme Leader Snoke is still alive and well. No ordinary means can kill him, yet this bastard must be brought down. His goal all along was to destroy the Skywalker bloodline and to rule over the galaxy as the eternal Sith lord. However the Skywalkers engage in a huge duel with Snoke, and this puts them to the ultimate test. Snoke is full of tricks no one else thought possible. During the fight, Rey uses Electric judgment to save her cousin Ben from an attack by the vile Sith lord. It’s just like Sith lightning, except it’s used only in self-defense. When used by a Jedi, it appears yellow or green. Rey never used such a thing before and didn’t know she could do it.

"You don’t know the truth about Anakin’s father… I am Anakin's father"
"That's not true! That's impossible!"

However Snoke becomes more desperate. He has achieved great power, and his only fear is losing it. So he conjures up a huge Force storm to destroy the Skywalkers. This is one of the greatest powers of the Dark Side. This mighty storm can destroy entire fleets of ships and rip off entire surfaces of planets. Snoke wants to destroy the Resistance and the Skywalkers once and for all. However the Skywalkers use a Force harmony to counter the Dark Side. When Ben Solo initiates this, the Skywalkers become united by the Force in all its intensity. When they put their hearts and minds together, they cause Snoke to lose control of the Dark Side. While Snoke intends to destroy his descendants with the storm, it turns around and ends up destroying him. The storm utterly consumes him, and his soul goes to the place where it belongs.

By his own arrogance, Plagueis sows the seeds of destruction and brings about his downfall. Thus the seed of Anakin fulfills the prophecy of the Chosen One. They destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force. However the storm gets out of hand, but Ben out of love for his family gives his life to save the others. So the Skywalker family continues to live on. Thus Ben Solo redeems himself, just like his grandfather Anakin did.

Without any real leader, the Resistance puts an end to the First Order and a third republic is born. Because of the Force storm, many see the futility of Dark Side and turn away from it. Rey begins to rebuild the new Jedi Order, without the corrupting influence of the Dark Side. Also no one has any living memory of the old failed Jedi Order and its structure, which the Force sought to eradicate. Rey is also one generation removed from Luke, who was trained by Obi-wan and Yoda.

Yoda and the old Jedi forgot who they were. They became arrogant, stuck up, and were too busy gazing at their own navels. They failed to learn the lessons of love and compassion. They outlived their usefulness because they were unable to deal with the problems that plagued the galaxy. They did a poor job of mentoring Anakin who desperately wanted a father figure in his life. Instead Darth Sidious came to fill that role. The Jedi did not even help a friend of a friend by rescuing Anakin's mother Shmi from the bonds of slavery. They also never found the Sith lord they were looking for, even though he hid under their noses the entire time. The Force allowed the Sith to return to power in order to destroy the Jedi. Since the Jedi did not have a change of heart, the Force wanted a change of faces.

Maz Kanata said, “Without the Jedi, there can be no balance to the Force.”

However when Rey raises up these new Jedi, love, justice, and truth will prevail. So the prophecy of the ancient Jedi did come true, just as they predicted.


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