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I know more than I should....
Brandon Munter

The popular simulation game, "The Political Machine 2016" will come out of Early Access on Steam and be released on February 4, 2016 according to a press release from the game's developer, Stardock.

The game allows players to become a candidate for the Presidency and hit the virtual campaign trail. You can take on the persona of Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and other actual candidates, or you can create your own candidate.

You will be able to compare the real life poll results to that of the in game poll as well as discuss current events such as the Iran Nuclear Deal and the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The Early Access version of the game is available now on Steam for $9.99 or you can buy a 2-pack for $14.99 and battle a friend for the position of POTUS.


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