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‘The Revenant’ is the most talked about film at the moment. Starring ‘Leonardo Dicaprio’ and ‘Tom Hardy’ who take us on a breath-taking journey into the winter wilderness. This is a story about the relationship between a man and his son, doing what they can to survive. A story about a man, taking revenge on his son’s killer. A man who will do what ever it takes to survive even if he has to sleep in carcass, face a bear and eat raw foods to stay alive.

The film was just amazing to watch it blew me away. The cinematography by ‘Emmanuel Lubezki’ was incredible. There were many shots from amazing establishing shots to tracking shots to 360-degree turns even cameras panning down and up to set the scene. It felt like one-take shots similar to ‘Birdman’ but even better. I felt as if I was apart of the film than just a viewer.

My favourite scene would have to be when Glass ‘Leonardo Dicaprio’ had to face a bear. Not only was that a hard and powerful scene to watch but also it looked and felt so real. The bones cracking and skin ripping made me feel his pain.

The bear scene
The bear scene

‘The Revenant’ by director ‘Alejandro González Iñárritu’ connected with many viewers and made them feel apart of Glass’s journey. In a good way I personally felt exhausted and overwhelmed with what I had just experienced making ‘The Revenant’ a must see.


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