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Kathy Read

My mothers name was Peggy she died in August 12 2004 she was 84 years old she died of a Heart Attack and was found on the floor near her bed when i saw the Doll called Peggy i had a feeling that there was some connection i felt Such Sadness the Same as i felt for my mother,she was very Psychic . i am too. i had a feeling Somthing was wronge but unfotunately i got to see her to late. my brother Derek should have contacted me and the rest of my family but he did't she left him nearly all her money ect. my mother was deeply upset a bout the Past for a long time, my father left her for a nother women in 1970 he took my brother and Sister with him the women was only 19 years old he was 49 years old. this affected me and my mother it turned our life up side down. eventualy she met a man called Sydney my best friend Janice,s uncle. so she went to live with him , as my father sold the house. I had the choice of living with my father or mother i chose to live with my mother and stepfather. it was okay for a while but then he turned nasty and told me to get out. i was devastated so then i ended up living with my father and stepmother she was young enough to be my sister. she made my life hell so much i ended up running away. back to london i was16 years old. i was in a turmoil. i was now homeless . i Slept rough there were no soup runs then. i finaly ended up staying with my sister in law i got a job at Rochford Hospital in Essex. all was okay for a while untill my sister in laws new man kept trying to sexualy abuse me. well i tried to go back to my mothers but at the time they were in spain on Holliday. i went to a pub Called the Crown in Romford Essex it was then i met John and his friend he felt very sorry for me, he phoned his parents who kindley took me in. it was then i met his family. somthing happend' ifell in love with his brother Derrick he fell for me to his mother was very vindictive and a cold person i didn't know what to do. but because i loved him i continude to stay their. we eventualy got married and we had four children 2 girls and 2 boys we had our own rented house. i was starting to feel that my Husband didn't love me or our Children i made friends with a lady next door called Shirley they made me feel happy and treated me like one of the family which i never really had, she had three sons. things were getting realy bad with me and my husband he worked on the Buses in Southend. One evening i was invited to shirleys for a drink i did drink quite a lot that night then something happend i went to her kitchen to get a nother glass for her it was then her son Terry Came up and kissed me i felt the love and comfort so i let him. i know this should never had happend. it was a terrible mistake because i loved my husband. i had to tell my husband i felt so quilty for this . it was after this he really did me wronge he left me i was pregnant with his child i had the 2 girls Tina and Mandy to look after. he had an affair with a women who worked in the canteen at the Bus station. i move to a nother part of the town Great Wakering Essex. he eventualy came back. it was then had a Break down i was nearly Sectioned but i new i had to be strong for my Children who i love so dearly. a month later the women he went off with came to see me when i opened the door she stood there holding a baby girl she said Derrick was the father. my husband said she was lying! she then left ididn't here any more so i belived him. i eventualy got a bit better , we moved to Rochford i then fell pregnant a gain with my son Tony. things seemed fine then suddenly my daughter Mandy said in in front of her father and me and my mother, she said Daddy was Dicking Ruth in Nanny,s living room on the floor. Ruth was a friend of his mother who by the way her name is Peggy . He left me again Pregnant . i dont Know how i got through it all but with my mothers help i did. but by then my mental health had got very bad. and un fortunaley i had to put 2 of my Children in to care. Mandy and Little Derrick. Mandy lived with Peggy Smith and my Son Derrick was adopted. i did try to get him back but unfortunatley i couldn't .My children are now grown up. my ex husband and his mother Peggy have Poisend my children a gainst me. i have lost every thing now i'm 60 years old and i am disabeld and live a lone i'm to frightend to get in volved with most people that i don't Know. i'm also Diebetic . my ex husband Derrick Smith did't pay any Child mantanance for years. He ha his own House Own buisness that he got with my help. Broadway Cars Rainham. And is he is not Paying income Tax. my son Des told me that a man with a brief Case Comes a round his place . He is hideing money in his loft. My mother Peggy can not rest in Peace un till Justice is done! Kathleen Wiltshire.


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