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These comics are well known to a certain extent, but honestly deserve a lot more recognition. Usually dark and powerful, these short stories really make readers wish they could step into the comic book character's shoes. These are the top ten underrated comic series.

1. Bone (Image Comics)

This comic series shows readers the life of three bone cousins after they are run out of their hometown of Boneville. These three are eventually destined to defeat characters that are influenced by a dark force called The Lord of the Locusts. Adventure all around, this comic book has received a cult following but deserves to be brought into a bigger light.

2. Hellboy (Dark Horse Comics)

This series obviously got a wonderful movie, but a lot of people don't know about the fantastic comic book that inspired it. Born as a demon and summoned to earth by Nazis; Hellboy was soon found by allied forces as they took over Nazi territory. He was brought up to be the world's best paranormal investigator, and dedicated his life to taking down the enemy.

3. Jonah Hex (DC Comics)

God... that movie was complete and awful shit. Please read the way better comic series. A series about a great bounty hunter that was severely disfigured, this comic really makes the reader decide if you agree with Jonah Hex's decision as he becomes one of the biggest antiheroes you can find.

4. Essex County (Top Shelf Productions)

This series tell the stories of separate characters in a small Canadian area with their own unique story lines. A true tearjerker about problems that people hide in their personal lives; this comic is a read that people need to witness.

5. The Far Side (Universal Press Syndicate)

This off color comic series relays random short panels of different characters going through funny situations. Never getting the attention it should have, The Far Side will always be a personal favorite for some great chuckles.

6. WE3 (Vertigo Comics)

The story of three pets stolen from their homes and transformed into walking tanks; these three animals have to perform every task given to them. Their own main personal mission is to escape the imprisonment they all feel. Dark and brilliant, every comic fan should experience this story.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mirage Studios)

Darker than the movies and TV shows; TMNT will definitely give readers a lot of "wow" moments. This story tells the tale of mutant turtles protecting the citizens of NYC, and sometimes in very controversial ways.

8. Judge Dredd (Rebellion Developments)

One bad movie and one good will still not shine the light on the greatness of what is Judge Dredd. Very Dark and very bloody, this series shows the controversial use of future police as these "judges" walk the city and arrest, sentence and even kill criminals.

9. Criminal (Icon Comics)

A bloody comic focused on different character criminal generations as they walk the city. Focused on today's biggest problems, Criminal should go down as a great comic, but has never really been a huge success.

10. Runaways (Marvel Comics)

This series focuses on the life of a group of teenagers that run away from their homes because their parents are super villains. A story about living on your own and truly having to find a way for the future, every teen and Marvel fan should have a good look at what this story represents.

What other comics do you think deserve more recognition? Comment below, thanks for reading and follow for more updates!


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