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With all the superhero movies in existence currently as well as the ones headed our way, I wondered if there was any space for a return to one of my all-time favorite Marvel movies. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to see a return from Wesley Snipes to the Blade Universe, it doesn't seem likely. Forget the fact that the rumor mill states they have had "discussions."

Once Blade Trinity came out and ruined the series by having Blade defeat none other than Count Dracula himself I realized the series was over. After all, now that you could kill vampires with silver through the air you could now kill vampires without putting yourself at risk. Also, once you can defeat the strongest vampire who ever lived, what risk do regular vampires pose?

The way I see it, there are only 4 options for a Blade movie:

  • Post-apocalyptic: where the vampires have somehow managed to win (which makes little sense for the reasons I mentioned above).
  • A new threat such as in Blade 2 with mutations or genetic alterations (which I was not a huge fan of and they are unlikely to repeat).
  • A reboot with Wesley Snipes (Hey, X-Men time traveled and changed the timeline in Days of Future Past. All you'd have to do is acknowledge their overlap, but this is unlikely).
  • A remake with a new actor/actress

The last option, of course, is what brings me to this post. As magnificent a Blade as Wesley Snipes was, I wondered who could potentially replace him. Would it be someone younger so that the series can start with a rookie-ish Blade, similar to Batman Begins? Would it follow the current trend of trying to change the race or gender (I'm sorry, folks, but a white or Hispanic Blade doesn't sound good to me)?

Consider me a bit of a purist, but I think for Blade you must have a black male in the lead role and keep the same origin story. But who would possibly make a good candidate for a new Blade? Who could fill in the pleather? I asked around and did some research. Let's take a look.

Will Smith:

At 6'2" Will Smith has the height to play Blade, but not the imposing physique for it. Also, as much of a good actor as he is, the role of an intimidating, monster-beating machine doesn't suit him at all.

Denzel Washington

At 6'1" Denzel also has the height to play Blade. He also has many movies under his belt as the tough, borderline crazy guy you wouldn't meet in a dark alley. Unfortunately, not only does he lack an imposing physical look, he's also 61 years old. He may look great for 61, but unless the movie is being rebooted as a significantly older Blade, this just wouldn't work out. Senior Citizen Blade series just won't happen.

Jamie Foxx:

At 5'9", Jamie Foxx is the same size as Wesley Snipes - but without the intimidating look, larger frame and martial arts experience. Jamie Foxx is a great actor, but not one as the guy vampires would be afraid of. Absolutely not. Besides, as much as it hurts to say it, Foxx was not very good in Spider-man.

Michael B. Jordan:

A 5' 11 1/2" Michael B. Jordan would appeal to the younger crowd and he can certainly put on the muscle as evidenced by watching Creed. However, I'm on the fence if he can play an intimidating guy such as Blade. I would err on the side of caution and say he lacks that scary look about him. He simply lacks the ferocious, intimidating look that the lead role has to have in order to work.

Djimon Hounsou:

We are getting closer, I think! Djimon is 6'2" and has the lean, mean, muscular look needed for a good Blade. However, he clearly shows his 51 years of age so I'll have to put him just slightly above Michael B. Jordan. He also has that look about him that says he's one sentence away from choking someone.

Anthony Mackie:

Even at 5' 10" Anthony Mackie is a wrong choice. This looks like the nice guy next door that brings you pies and borrows yours things. Plus, he's already in Marvel movies so it wouldn't work out even if he didn't have that nice, neighborly look. On top of that, he's a bit on the small side. He couldn't intimidate you if he was carrying Blade's sword.

Lennie James:

I'm such a Lennie fan that it almost hurts to say this, but despite him having the ability to act like a total bad ass - he looks even older than his age. At 5'9" he looks smaller than Snipes as well. He would make Blade seem tough, but also a borderline senior citizen.

Terry Crews:

OK, I get it. Not only is Terry Crews 6'3", but his muscle has muscle. He played a great action guy in The Expendables. However, the truth is that he doesn't seem to have enough action chops to pull off a tortured character like Blade. He's more of the shoot'em up action hero of the 80's. Not that there's anything wrong with that, he's just not right for the infamous Day Walker. I admit I wouldn't mind seeing him as a villain in Blade, though.

Jimmy Jean-louis:

Jimmy here is a good actor, however he's way too pretty for Blade. He's cut, but he's on the smaller end. And he's too pretty for Blade.

Michael Jai White:

This is perfect. Not only is Michael Jai White 6', he's also extremely muscular and intimidating. To top it off, this guy is a black belt in 9 styles of martial arts. Before you say that doesn't matter, if there's one thing I hate is an unrealistic fight scene. This guy is Blade. It doesn't even matter that he's 48 because people younger than he is don't look this way. This looks like Blade's tougher big brother. You know, the one that would beat the little Daywalker until he cried "uncle".

Marvel can thank me for it later. I found their new Blade. Maybe some other time I can think of who would be a great Whistler....


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