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One of the best and most beloved Marvel films of all time is 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, a surprisingly entertaining film starring a tree, a raccoon, a green lady, a ripped blue dude, and Chris Pratt. The film included phenomenal effects, a well written story and plenty of comedy.

Guardians of the Galaxy has become one of those films that just never gets old, as you continue to find more jokes you never noticed before. In addition, many of the moments from the film are surprisingly relatable to certain parts of our lives.

Check out these 20 moments from Guardians of the Galaxy that perfectly describe any given work week.

1. When you discretely flip off your boss and get caught

2. When you actually get your cute co-worker's number

3. When your coworker challenges your work technique

4. When your coworker says "Hey, you look like_____"

5. When you're in a meeting and everyone talks at once

6. When your boss catches you staring off into space during a meeting

7. When your boss tells you to stop scrolling through Facebook

8. When you're trying to leave work, but can hear your boss coming to talk to you

9. When you finally get to go to lunch

10. When two of your coworkers start fighting

11. When your crazy smart coworkers starts typing something in code on your computer

12. When the crazy smart coworker makes your entire computer screen go black

13. When the boss of the company that you talked to on multiple occasions doesn't know who you are

14. When your computer crashes

15. When you have the radio on and your favorite song comes on

16. When you feel like a badass mother-f***er after finishing your pile of paperwork early

17. When your boss gives you a new pile of paperwork because of how quickly you did the last one

18. When new people get hired in

19. When someone flirts with your coworker crush

20. When it's the end of the day on Friday and you feel awesome because you finally get to go home

Guardians of the Galaxy is really a fun and relatable film. I cant wait for the sequel, coming out in May of next year!


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