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Time to make the chimi-friggin'-changas!
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***Spoilers Ahead (Duh.)***

The most recent episode of The Flash, aptly titled, "The Return of Reverse Flash", ended with an insane revelation. Those of you who may have not caught this revelation, be prepared, because it is BIG. Toward, the end of the episode, Jay Garrick reveals his doppelgänger to Caitlin and us viewers:

He tells us that his doppelgänger was hard to find because he had been adopted at an early age and had been named....(drum roll)...HUNTER ZOLOMON!

Or More Commonly Known as.... Zoom! (This Guy):

Or POSSIBLY This Guy Who Recently Kicked Barry's Butt:

Let this sink in for a while.....and don't worry if your reaction is something like this:


I can already see this happening in a Zoom spin-off, maybe?

My name is Hunter Zolomon. Despite what the public believes, I am the fastest man alive. I am Zoom. (Commence theme...)

A Little Background On Hunter Zolomon:

Hunter Zolomon is Zoom, a speedster super-villain and enemy to the Flash . Originally working as a metahuman profiler for the KCPD, he was crippled by Gorilla Grodd and gained powers through an accident with the Cosmic Treadmill. Zolomon lost his mind and dedicated his life to making former friend Wally West a better hero through tragedy.

Hunter Zolomon has the ability to alter time relative to himself, as opposed to utilizing the Speed Force like most of the DC Universe speedsters do. He can apparently use this ability to move at "speeds" rivaling those of even Wally West, fastest of the Flashes, and usually, "faster" than the speeds that even Wally can muster in most cases. Zoom uses time travel to run fast, he time travels with every step he takes, Zoom has the power to control his personal timeline, he speeds up his own timeline to run faster and slows down his own timeline to move slower. The temporal nature of his speed allows him to avoid the usual problems encountered by other speedsters (friction, seeing and hearing at such near-light speeds, et al), whose automatic and unconscious use of the Speed Force overcomes those problems. As he is moving at a normal velocity, and the rest of the world is "slow", those hindrances simply do not affect him. He once moved so fast that even when Wally West took both of the other Flashes' (Barry and Jay's) speed with his perceptions moving faster, Hunter Zolomon was still just a blur to Wally.

Zolomon believed that by constantly being an enemy to the Flash and fighting him, he would make him a better hero..."Better. Faster. Stronger".


The revelation on the most recent Flash episode may not be so simple. Earth One's Garrick as Zoom may make sense, but it seems too easy enough to figure out. Seeing as how Zolomon is a Wally West villain, we may get to see him as a possible big-bad of a future season when West gains his powers. Many seem too think that the physique of Zoom fits almost perfectly Barry's dad, Henry Allen. This namedrop must be of significance but if Zoom isn't either Earth One Garrick or Henry, who is Zoom, really? Don't forget to catch next week's episode, "Fast Lane":

Can this seemingly innocent and oblivious man turn out to be Zoom?


Stay tuned to the Flash to find out who Zoom really is!


Who do you think Zoom is?


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