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One of the most iconic and easily recognized cars in history is the DeLorean DMC-12 due to its major role in the 1980s scifi adventure comedy movies series, Back to the Future. In those films, the DeLorean has been built into a time machine by Doctor Emmett Brown and the time machine plays a role almost as large as Michael J. Fox does. Because without the DeLorean time machine, there would be no Back to the Future.

Well, it has been announced that DeLoreans are now back in production after a 34-year break. The DeLorean is a stainless steel sports car with stylish gull-wing doors and is well-known. Click here to go and see the DeLorean Motor Company Website.

DeLorean chief Stephen Wynne says:

It's fantastic. It is a game-changer for us, you know. We've been wanting this to happen.

They may cost approximately 100,000 dollars and its design will not be changed. You can buy a DeLorean TIME MACHINE here.

Seven DeLoreans were used to film Back to the Future and three remain in existence. However, they are only on display. Universal Studios in Hollywood has the main DeLorean used to film. Universal Studios in Orlando, FL has a DeLorean they used for flying. And the third and final DeLorean is in private hands and not on display.


Will you buy a DeLorean?


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