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Deadpool's nickname is "Merc with a Mouth," so we are going to have to expect that sometimes this red spandex-clad antihero is going to say some downright inappropriate stuff.

If you watch this hilarious trailer below, you'll notice that he does just that:

More recently, Ryan Reynolds posted this picture on his Twitter to show his love for his French fans:

Some fans found this poster rather questionable. The exploding city behind Deadpool might invoke feelings of melancholy as we remember the tragedy that happened not too long ago in November 2015 to innocent Parisians.

Others, however, were huge fans of the poster and expressed excitement for the film:

Ryan Reynolds also posted this picture and couldn't help but sneak in a dick joke (as is expected).

We all know that Ryan Reynolds would never mean to be offensive. He did, after all, throw up that heart sign with his hands, so you know he has nothing but massive love for Paris.

Besides, if anything were to happen to Paris again, we know Deadpool would be there in a second to kick some massive bad guy ass while making us laugh in the process. Deadpool really does know how to do Paris.

[Source: Twitter]


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