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When our favorite TV shows end, it sucks. It's hard to let go of the things you love the most, and whenever our favorite show goes off air, we pray that it'll somehow make a comeback.

Luckily for us, 2016 is the year of comebacks! Everything from the past is coming back bigger and better than ever. From Fuller House to X-Files, it looks like we won't have to let go of our favorite shows as soon as we thought!

The next show to get a revival is one we all know. One that, unsurprisingly, is still getting quoted everyday. Probably because it works so well in everyday life.

It's hard to find someone who doesn't remember Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. The visual field guide was not only funny, but it also provided viewers with some pretty usable tips on getting through middle school!

Its been almost 9 years since Ned gave us his final tips, but like every good thing in life, we've been practically begging for it to come back. Well in this, the year of comebacks, reunions, and reboots, we've finally gotten what we've been asking for...sort of.

Welcome To Devon's Life Survival Guide!

Ned's Declassified may be gone, but this year, we'll be getting some helpful tips again from Ned Bigby himself! Devon Werkheiser, who played Ned Bigby, has been doing what every child actor tries to do; make a new name for himself.

He's been arguably successful embarking on a music career, but to most people, he's still Ned Bigby. Werkheiser has acknowledged that there are still a massive amount of Ned's Declassified fans out there, and so he's decided to give them something to cheer about!

Devon's Life Survival Guide is a web series that acts as a real-life spiritual successor to Ned's Declassified. Werkheiser posted the first episode on his YouTube channel, Devon Werkharder. The series doesn't star Ned Bigby, but Devon Werkheiser himself, giving helpful tips about the enigma that is life! Check out the first episode below. It's all about "choosing your growth".

We all know that it's tough being a child actor, we see what they go through all the time. They're forced to make decisions that grown adults have trouble with, and often times, they don't even have complete control over their careers.

When they finally get their big break, and things seem calm, it's the exact opposite. All of a sudden, it's all eyes on them. Everyone wants to know what they're going to do next, and suddenly their life becomes beyond stressful.

It's even harder to be a former child actor. Once you've grown up, you try to make a name for yourself, and get new roles. But no matter what you do, people still see you as that one role you did years ago.

Luckily, Devon is not only doing a great job of separating himself from Ned Bigby, he's also embracing the thing that made him so well-known in the first place; his awesome tips!

With these videos, Devon's showing us that with or without Ned's Declassified, he can still offer us some incredibly helpful tips to get through the many troubling moments in life.

You can check out more episodes of Devon's Life Survival Guide on Devon Werkheiser's channel, and make sure to support his other projects as well!

And just in case you wanted to see Devon have a nervous breakdown over people still calling him Ned, and give tips on how to do sweet trick shots, watch the video below! Start at 2:37 to witness the rant.

Obviously he's joking, but even still, I'm sure he does have to deal with being called Ned by strangers everyday. Here's hoping Devon does great in his non-Ned related ventures.

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