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It's been a year since the fourth season of American Horror Story over, but it Freak show remained subject to many until finally noticed similarities between the character Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters) and Grady Stiles Jr.'s famous

However, the story of real Lobster Man was much less glamorous and happy. Grady was born in 1937, with a generally hereditary condition known as ectrodactyly, which causes malformation or absence of fingers and or toes, giving them the appearance of lobster claws. However, the similarity ends there. Although Evan Peters character is presented as a kind and loyal person to people close to him, charming and even famous among women by certain "skills" manual, the true "Lobster Boy" had a completely different personality.

Although he had a relatively normal life, earning some money and even getting married and having children, Grady was an alcoholic and violent man, especially with your family. Often struck or tried to strangle them with their "claws." In his worst rages, he came to deliver headbutts people. Because of their condition, Grady was unable to walk, and moved by means of a wheelchair or crawling on the floor.

"I guess the alcohol made him externasse the worst of themselves," said Grady Stilles III, his son, in an episode of "Freak Show", documentary series aired by broadcaster AMC, which aired in May last year . In 1979, Grady Stiles Jr. was convicted of murdering Jack Layne, engaged to his eldest daughter, the day before the wedding. Stiles Jr. did not approve of the relationship. He got a verdict of 15 years in an open prison after authorities determined that he suffered from pulmonary emphysema because of Pall Mall cigarettes 60 who smoked daily, and liver cirrhosis caused by their Seagrams. Furthermore, no chain was prepared to accommodate a detainee with ectrodactylia. In November 1992, Stiles was murdered at his home in Gibsonton, Florida, Chris Wyant, a family friend who was linked to gangs. Stiles was so hated in the community that no one wanted to carry his coffin. Wyant was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 27 years in prison. At trial, it was revealed that Wyant had received $ 1,500 dollars from Stiles's wife, Mary Teresa Stiles, and her son from a previous marriage, Harry Glenn Newman III, according to the Los Angeles Times. More than twenty years later, Stiles III, who also inherited the same condition, still trying to come to terms with his father's legacy and his assassination in 1992. He went on to tour with his father and sister as "The Family Lobster". But according to him, what makes him happy is precisely what did not inherit his father. "I'm not a fan of my father as a person," said Stiles III to the stars of the series Todd Ray, Danielle and Phoenix Ray Ray. "My dad was racist [and] abusive. When I wept, [he would say something like] 'I'll give you something to cry about.' " Grady Stiles III said the murder of his father was not exactly as described in court. "What really happened was that my mother and my father had had another fight, as usual, and my mother had made the comment that something needed to be done," said Stiles III. "My brother heard it and went to the neighbor and told him that something had to be done."

Grady Stiles III, Grade Stiles Jr.'s son
Grady Stiles III, Grade Stiles Jr.'s son

"My brother thought it meant to scare him, or to beat [my father] or something that made him realize he was losing his family. Shortly thereafter, my father was shot. " Newman was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. His mother was sentenced to 12 years in prison for being the mastermind. At trial, she told the judge: "My husband was going to kill my family. I believe that the bottom of my heart. I'm sorry that this happened, but my family is safe now. "

As much as the life of Grady Stiles III has been difficult, there is one thing he wishes he could have told the father.

"Thank you for showing me what kind of person not be and maybe you can appreciate who I've become because of it. You are a drunk bastard, but you are my father. "


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