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Who would have thought one tiny creative change could lead to the messiest public spat of 2016?

With his response to Kanye West's album title, fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa inadvertently set off a firestorm of social media barbs that also managed to involve Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose.

The full thing needs to be seen to be believed, so here's a nearly complete timeline of the events that took Twitter by storm today.

The whole thing started when Kanye West changed the title of his upcoming album, and Wiz Khalifa took issue with it

Kanye changed his album name from Swish to Waves, and Wiz took this as an affront to Max B, whose wave movement was characterized by a laid-back sound.

Wiz then told Kanye to smoke some "kk" (a.k.a. weed, according to Wiz) to relax.

Kanye took this as a brutal jab at his wife Kim Kardashian and started going on Wiz

(Read this one from the bottom up)

via HipHollywood
via HipHollywood

These are screenshots because Kanye has since deleted these tweets. More on that later. This set off a whirlwind of Kanye freaking out on Wiz for what he thought was an insult to his wife.

Kanye started calling out Wiz with a long list of insults that targeted Amber Rose

via HipHollywood
via HipHollywood
via HipHollywood
via HipHollywood

Amber Rose, you may remember, is Kanye's ex who is widely believed to have inspired his brilliant album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. After they broke up, she got married to Wiz, and that couple had a kid together (who is probably the cutest kid in the world), and separated in September 2014.

As you can see, Kanye started coming for Wiz's family out of misguided anger that Wiz came for his family.

Kanye kept going, demanding respect from Wiz

via HipHollywood
via HipHollywood

And proclaiming that he made it possible for rappers to wear tight jeans.

Kanye then took credit for the life of Wiz's child

via HipHollywood
via HipHollywood

He kept adding to the list (with an unexpected compliment toward the end)

I gotta say, I love that in the midst of the feud, Kanye can still proclaim his wish to be skinny and tall like Wiz.

To cap it all off, he declared himself in true Kanye fashion as the greatest artist of all time

So, you'd think that be the end of that, right?


Wiz responded to this catalog of complaints with a casual correction

In what might as well be a finishing move, Wiz points out that Kanye totally misunderstood the original tweet that set him off.

And he quickly got back to his business.

But it's still not over.

You may have thought that Kanye couldn't come back from Wiz, but then Amber Rose let him have a piece of her mind

I can't even respond to this. And, it turns out, neither could Kanye.

Though he never talks to Amber directly, he starts deleting his tweets after her read

All of the sudden, Kanye starts talking about positivity, minutes after dragging people's names through the mud.

"Excuse the confusion." Only Kanye could go from 0 to 60 back to 0 in the space of a couple hours.

Oh also, in maybe the best tweet from his rant, he promises to have us all shouting "Hallelujah" (in case you weren't already).

Kanye may have been done, but Amber wasn't

Presumably, this whole feud did not go as planned.

Now, Twitter can't get enough of the whole thing

Many of the reactions have called out Kanye for shaming Amber's former job as a stripper, especially since Kim did rise to fame on the back of her sex tape. I'd rather we not use any woman's sexual history as a reason to shame them, especially when this feud has generated so many other brilliant rejoinders.

Seriously, the reactions are just not letting up

It never ceases to amaze me how quick the internet is to respond to a controversy. With so many amazing responses, this one has to be my absolute favorite.

So, as of this moment, the dust of the feud has settled, but the cackling about it has only just begun. Still, something tells me that this isn't the final wave of this messy feud.

(H/T: HipHollywood)


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