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DC vs Marvel: What Company is Better?

This is a battle for the ages, what company is better - and who deserves to wear the heavy-weight belt of opinion! I will try to discern what company is better, all-around with comic books and movies. This will be the hardest thing, I've ever done in my life - and that includes saving a dog from an airplane 900 feet in the sky, while I was on a hang-glider!

Most fans do not read comic books, it's the simple truth! So this article will be like the debates, I will say anything to appease my certain demographic, (I'm joking, I'll give reasons why you should hate one and why you should only like one) and at the end there will be no argument on what company is better!

(If I sound bitter, it's because I called that Zoom was Garrick(Hunter Zolomon) and no one is showing any love - to be honest it doesn't matter, I just really love speculating on all things comic books! It does hurt a little, but I am not receiving pay on reads and no one cares who thought of it first, Thanks Moviepilot for letting me share my thoughts!)


Which Company Has The Best Comic Book Character


They're three obvious choices on who's the best character around - it's not like everyone have their own opinion. DC's classic vigilante, Batman is by far the best hero to ever come from some dude's imagination! Unlike all these other suped-up people, Bruce Wayne is just a billionaire - that's all, I mean having a billion dollars doesn't make him special at all! Instead of working so he can have money for food, he mastered like a 100 martial-arts disciples - and that's what makes him way better than anything Marvel have to offer! I used to care about how many reads I would get, but now I just write for my city - out of inspiration from Batman! Does anyone from Marvel have Harley Quinn as a rogue? No, case -dismissed!


Marvel's have two of my favorite running comic-books out right now - Ms.Marvel and The Amazing Spider-Man! Sir, I would like to argue that no one could possibly win, because he is Batman! Overruled, I would like to say two characters - Spider-Man and Deadpool (Gasp in the courtroom, Order,Order)! DC is more seriously angry, than a man alone in a room with Margot Robbie, with manly problems (aka the bird doesn't cuckoo clock anymore) and she finds him attractive.

Deadpool makes everything better, and his cousin Deathstroke is just some lame rip-off (not true) - DC does not have a character that comes close to Pool's charisma! Spider-Man is the hardest working hero around, and he's not a billionaire. He's just a kid, that is trying to do the right thing. These two characters are better than the entire DC roster.Nobody cares about gods trying to rule humans - this shouldn't even be up for discussion!

Next Question

Let's Talk About Television

DC on TV- The Flash might be best the best thing on any network right now - they introduced a monster gorilla, and the complexity of the story rivals Game of Thrones. Arrow, brought together Olicity and it's the closest thing to a Batman series, we'll ever get on the small-screen. Legends of Tomorrow is in its infancy, but shows great promise! Marvel cannot even compare to the greatness. DC is putting on television!

Marvel Television- Let's forget the ABC's shows, which are both decent in there own rights. Daredevil and Jessica Jones blew everyone out of the water, with some of the best stories of 2015. Also, they have planned Luke Cage and Iron Fist- If The CW could match the budget of Netflix, then this would be a conversation.

Let's Talk About Movies

Marvel- They have created the most entertaining universe, ever to hit cinemas. Marvel made Ant-Man, and it was one of the most fun movies I've ever watched. They're bringing us Captain America: Civil War, and the anticipation for the movie - was only met by Star Wars. Every movie they have planned to release brings me great joy!

DC- I did not hate Man of Steel, but they're under more pressure than the Titanic under the water. We'll have to wait and see if either movies can bring the conversation to the point, where Marvel doesn't dominate - and Suicide Squad is looking to be a game changer for DC! I am very excited about 2016, if it will make DC a powerhouse in shared-universes.

The Verdict

The best comic book company out right now is....... DC and Marvel! It's an impossible decision to say that one is better than the other. Each company brings a uniqueness that makes living in this century - a geek's paradise!

Sometimes when I'm finished with an article, I make the unwise decision and read the comments. Arguing personal preference, is a lot like politics! No matter how convincing the point, whomever you're speaking with - will undoubtedly ignore your comments (usually rationalizing that you're an idiot) and continue with their beliefs. I hope this will never stop, because it will keep our favorite movies - relevant for decades to come!

Thank you to my three readers and I hope you enjoyed what you read, and always feel free to disagree!


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