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Fact: David Bowie’s bisexuality was declared in 1972, supposedly making him the first sexually ambiguous British pop star.

David Robert Jones (aka David Bowie) was a British pop star and songwriter, record producer, painter, and actor. He is a popular musical figure and sex symbol for the past 5 decades, and is widely considered by critics as an innovator for his accumulated work in the 1970s. He is widely known for many of his songs including Let’s Dance (1983), Ashes to Ashes (1980), Under Pressure (1981), Space Oddity, and many others.

While society has become much more relaxed about male homosexuality, or bisexuality in recent years, it was fraught with ridicule, and even a career destroyer. David Bowie will always be remembered for some of his most beloved songs and cool and calm demeanor. He was a trend setter. One of the more speculative actions that occurred during the 1970s was David Bowie’s bisexuality (Ziggy Stardust), which left a massive imprint on the world, whether intentional or not. In 1972, Bowie became the first sexually ambiguous British pop star (even before the likes of Freddie Mercury and Elton John), and only five years since male homosexuality had become decriminalized in the UK. His calculated draping of his arm, during the 1972 singing of ‘Starman,’ around his gorgeous guitarist Mick Ronson was seen as the most important ‘Gay Parade’ that ever happened in the UK.

David Bowie’s bisexuality has always been up in the air. He told Melody Maker in 1972 that he was gay. In 1976, he told Playboy he was bisexual saying he used “that fact very well.” Later, Bowie stated to Rolling Stone that “I didn’t ever feel I was a real bisexual.” Additionally, he told them that he had made the entire story up to create more mystery about himself. He stated that the irony of Ziggy Stardust “was that I was not gay. I was physically about it, but frankly it wasn’t enjoyable.” This whole period of his life came to an end he states in 1974 with Ziggy.

He supposedly met his first wife when they both were in a relationship with the same guy (subject to speculation), and his ex-wife, Angie, said she had found Mick Jagger and Bowie in bed together.


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