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With its release quickly approaching in just a couple of weeks, the Deadpool movie has been kicking its marketing campaign into high gear. Let's be honest, we're all relishing in the violence and crass humor totally befitting the Marvel antihero's character.

Recently, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) partnered with BallBoys and took the time to remind fans that they should touch themselves tonight, and not for the usual reason. Deadpool might be a killer, but he doesn't want to see anyone have to battle cancer.

"Searching for some sexy sexy time, am I right? Well here's the thing. Touching yourself could also save your life, without making you blind. Seriously, most cancers are curable if caught early. Click on the link and start touching yourself right now. Mmm! Stimulating."

In this second video, Deadpool runs down the importance of regular checks for testicular cancer and how to go about screening yourself. Even though seeing Ryan Reynolds fondling those two pool balls is a little distracting, try to stay focused!

You guys heard the man! Be sure to visit to learn more about how to give yourself a health screening.

Find out more at and make sure you #touchyourselftonight

Posted by Deadpool Movie on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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