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Josh Paez

Oh man... Where does one start with Dirty Grandpa? Firstly, let me just say that I love Robert De Niro and Zac Efron. They are both amazing actors that have accomplished many and more great movies. The rest of the cast also puts up a solid effort at trying to save this movie. Aubrey Plaza and Julianne Hough are a solid supporting cast that, with a better script, would of only made this potential movie better. However, Dirty Grandpa turns into the bad comedy movie you see at 11pm because there is nothing better to do.

My first problem with this movie is the script. While the overall story seems like it could of been a successful movie plot, it never really reaches that potential because the script is so full of bad humor and dirty jokes. De Niro is forced to repeatedly make sexual references that don't fit him as a actor what so ever and Efron looks more confused throughout the movie than anything.

Secondly, nothing about Dirty Grandpa ever really stands out to you as a viewer. Everything from the humor and jokes to the cast reminds you of other movies. (Neighbors was the one that repeatedly came to my mind) The one saving grace about Dirty Grandpa is that for a brief few moments in between crude humor, the story of a grandson and grandfather reconnecting after years of losing touch does speak to you on a different level.


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