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Of all the brilliant vehicles throughout the history of film, there are some which remain well known to the public because of what they represent. Need a few examples? How about...

The Starship Enterprise

Why is this so well known? Well for one, the various incarnations of this vehicle have starred in twelve films and three TV series. But aside from that, the Enterprise is a symbol of peace and adventure. Of a time when mankind not only has set aside their own differences, but venture out into space and attempt to make new alliances with even more races.

The Millennium Falcon

Come on guys, this is the ship that made the Kessel run in 12 parsecs! You can't beat that! This is the most well known vehicle in one of the most well known franchises of all time, and it isn't surprising it is incredibly well known.

But why both of those are amazing, it isn't exactly feasible that we are going to be driving around our own Starship Enterprise anytime soon. Despite this, there is one vehicle from a legendary sci-fi film that we may actually get to drive very soon. Recognise this?

It's a Delorean folks. No, it's the Delorean, from Back to the Future. It is incredibly well known as being one of the first time machines (ignore the Tardis from Doctor Who). Everyone loves the Delorean, and here's the best bit.

The Delorean is Going To Be Manufactured Again!

Now I know what you're thinking, you think they're about to make a new model that pays tribute to the classic 1982 Delorean that starred in Back to the Future. You're wrong, they are actually remaking the original 1982 model, there are going to be roughly 300 cars produced, and CEO Stephen Wynne said:

"It's fantastic. It's a game-changer for us. We've been wanting this to happen."

Though don't start getting your bank account ready for a new car, instead get it ready to be completely emptied, because the cars are estimated to go at around $100,000 each. While it is too late to celebrate Back to the Future Part 2 day with the release of this amazing new merchandise, we can still hope to see Deloreans driving around on the streets again soon!

See the original Delorean in action for the first time below!

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