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This was a question I asked myself immediately after the reveal of there identities.

So we know the Horsemen are the mutants Storm, Magneto, Physlocke and Archangel.

But.....Will the movie's titular villain Apocalypse name them in there biblical incarnations Death War Famine and Pestilence if so who will don each title.

Before I begin to speculate a brief history of the comic version of the Horsemen is in order

Apocalypse recruited a Morlock named Plague as Pestilence obviously because Pestilence by definition means fatal epidemic. He names an anorexic girl Famine. Famine meaning starvation. He approaches a solider named Abraham Lincoln Kieros a calls him War. Soldiering and War are synonymous. The mutant Angel is dying in a plane crash Apocalypse not only resurrects him but evolves his mutation giving him the name Archangel and the monocarh Death.

There have been many incarnations of the 4, but I thought that this team would be the best example to begin speculation.

So without further ado:


Mistress of the Elements. Wielding the power of Wind, Lightning, Ice, Rain etc... She has the ability to cause a Fatal Epidemic. Therefore I believe she will be Pestilence

Famine: Psylocke

With her telepathic powers

War: Magneto

The Master of Magnetism. He is having an inner conflict. Wanting for so many years his mutant brothers and sisters to be at the top of the Totem Pole. To spend the last 8-10 years in seclusion never using his powers

Death: Angel

The Mutant Angel will most like be transformed by Apocalypse into Archangel. Metaphorically Angel dying and Archangel being born hence the horsemen Death.

So I know naming them was a stretch but I tried.

So what do you think who will each Horsemen be?will they even be referred to in their Biblical Incarnations?


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