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Sabine Vs Mandalorians! In this week's episode of Rebels.

The Empire is making it harder for the rebels to travel around the outer rim. Sabine has an idea of using a Mandalorian route to evade the empire and not get caught. Rex thinks it is dangerous because even the Empire knows not to mess with them! The Protectors were a group separate from the Mandalorians that even faught with other Mandalorians in the past. They made their own rules and didn't go by the rest of the group. Hera comes up with a idea to team up with them to become an alie of the rebellion because any strong enemy of the Empire is a strong alie to them.

They make their way to the planet Concord Dawn but are quickly cut off by unknown ships. It turns out these Protectors are with the Empire and begins the space battle. Hera out maneuvers them while the rest of the squad try and escape. She distracts them to get them to focus their power of her so the rest of the squad can jump to light speed. Hera's ship makes it back to light speed but she is badly injured. She will make it but the injuries will leave her out of comission for a while. Sabine takes this personally and even takes the blame for the Hera's injuries.

The danger of this mission has gone to a new level and Kanon decides to take this mission on his own but Sabine doesn't want him to go alone, she sneaks onto his ship. They both land on the planet and find the base. There are eight ships spread out throughout the base in case they need to explode them. The Empire is paying the Mandalorians and even want them to contact them if they see more Rebels.

Sabine is still set out on revenge but Kanon believes he can still change them to get them on their side. Kanon approaches the Mandalorian and tells him the story about the Battle of Mygeeto and how he knows him from that. He wants to negotiate a deal for how he saved him that day. Sabine plants the charges throughout all the ships but while planting she is discover by the Mandalorians.

She tells them that she is apart of House Ren, a traitor family from these Mandalorians and a possible reference to The Force Awakens?

Sabine calls out Fenn Rau to get revenge on what he did to Hera. Kanon tries talking them out of it, but doesn't get through to them. Sabine shoots Fenn Rau 's gun and destroys all their ships. They take cover inside the dining area and make a plan to go after Fenn Rau 's because his is the only ship left in the base. Kanon jumps on his ship after taking off and takes off one of his wings. He kidnaps Fenn Rau and takes him aboard his own ship.

He grants them access for the Rebels to go through the passage & Hera wakes up and is glad to hear of their success ending the episode on a happy note.

This episode got pretty intense at moments especially the beginning. When Hera's ship got damaged and she was the only that didn't go though hyper space, I legitimately thought they might have killed her off! Even afterward when it was clear that Sabine wanted Revenge the episode did point to her making the wrong choice and possible killing them for what they did to Hera and the rest of the squad.

I am glad to see the Mandalorions now introduced into Rebels because now they are expanding into the universe and some of the old canon universe. Even nice seeing more little hints of Sabine's backstory that I feel will continued to be explored as time goes on. This was a great episode and I am looking forward to the next one!


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