ByDavid Marmolejo, writer at
Batman Fanatic, Funko Enthusiast, Movie Connoisseur.
David Marmolejo

"If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, and if they cannot stop you, then you become something else entirely... A legend."

The many faces and attire of Batman, from 1966 the world was shown what a legendary figure as Batman could become, an ordinary man, doing extraordinary things. From Adam West to animated films, the silver screen and the well crafted Nolan Trilogy, to Video Games as the wondrous Arkham Asylum, City, Origins, and Knight, and now paving the way for the highly anticipating DC Cinematic Universe, Batman has left a bold symbol into the Comic World, Batman has been in my life since I can remember watching Joel Schumacher's "Batman Forever". Not the greatest way to look at my hero, but still left an impact as deep as it can go. I have loved Batman, the origin story, the lively characters, sheer determination of one man and the human aspect of this beloved hero and his symbol. That anyone could be Batman! that anyone can make a difference, no matter where you come from, what you look like, we can define ourselves and leave a historic mark if we please to. The Caped Crusader, The World's Greatest Detective, Bats, he is not one but many. It seems as though he is not done yet, and I cannot wait for what is in store for the Bat of Gotham!


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