ByMichelle Mariner, writer at

Most Disney stories are taken from age-old stories in a time when men dominated society, and a woman's primary role was to keep house and raise their children. I don't think I know a single woman or girl who didn't like fairytales growing up. Even at a young age, they were able to separate fantasy from reality. I don't think there is anything wrong with young girls watching these movies because they all end with "happily ever after" and the fairytale fantasy of marrying Prince charming is almost a typical behavior to see in young girls. That doesn't mean they can't be strong, independent, and self-supporting. Taking away a girl's dream to be like Cinderella is no different than saying "you won't grow up to be anything you want." It's simply a phase, and its up to ANY child's parents to instill the right types of behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs in their children. Don't blame it on Disney because "women don't speak enough and have to be rescued by their Prince" to give the illusion of happiness and fulfillment.


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