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In the latest episode of the Flash 'The Reverse-Flash Returns' the Reverse Flash returns from the future and has attack Mercury Labs and has captured Christina McGee. Cisco has got a vibe from the future, the team go to stop him before the Reverse Flash can go back to the future, before he can kill Christina McGee and put him in their prison at Star Labs. Unfortunately that messes up the time-line and Cisco started to have constant vibes that started to kill him. To stop Cisco from dying, the Flash had to give the Reverse Flash a jump-start into the future. This "jump-start" stopped the vibes from happening which ended the main plot of the episode. BUT that is not why I think the Flash should man up, no I think that he needed to man up to save his relationship.


Yes Barry Allen let his relationship die with Patty Spivot.

But Why?

That is the big question! Why did he let this happen? He only had to reveal his true identity! Well Barry had many reasons but the primary one was to save her. However, most of his concerns could have happen regardless of what he told her. Zoom could catch her (Zoom could just get Harrison Wells to tell him who the Flash was and could then kidnap his girlfriend), she could die (She could die at any place any time) and a metta-human could get her (well that has already happened and we all know how that turned out).

So he could of told her he was he Flash!

Instead, she found out on her own and when she confronted him Barry told her was not the Flash when he could of said "yes". If he'd been honest with her she could of stayed at Central City with him. He said he "loves her" but then he went on in the same sentence and lied about the biggest thing in his life. This conversation shows he is not willing to fight for their relationship even if he is the Flash.

This has happened before!

Oh yeh Iris
Oh yeh Iris

This is like a repeat of Iris and Barry's earlier relationship. He was too late for Iris...too late for Felicity... too late for Patty...and well Caitlin???? Who knows?. Although we know that Barry ends up with Iris, courtesy of the newspaper reports, I would of been exited to see him and Patty become official. Or at least have one relationship that really shines...I think Iris has missed the boat.

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